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If we unite, covering all transgressions with love, this year will be good for us. Such a connection must be achieved daily, every day becoming warmer, genuinely closer to each other!
Good year to all, good entry in the Book of Life!

If one lives in the past, for he knows nothing about the future, then the period from the beginning of the year, Rosh Hashanah, to the Judgement Day, Yom Kippur, is fearsome. The science of Kabbalah is facing the future and talks about these days as the most beautiful and kind. Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of a good change.
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My new article on @medium “How to Rise Above Time, Space, and Motion and Communicate With the Dead“:

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We are entering a new year—new Malchut, the system that controls us and receives feedback. When we are connected, we can affect this system and the future becomes an exciting ascent to the level of infinite attainment, the feeling of immortality and the common system of nature!

We’ve had uneasy years. We tried to understand how to change our fate. Let’s make the new year a year of new attainments when we control ourselves and our destiny, and we shall see a beautiful future before us and how we can advance toward it. Everything is in our hands!

🇮🇱 The government of unity should include opposing parties that, with wisdom and understanding, realize how to achieve connection and unity. Like a family where everyone has their own opinions, but for the sake of a common goal we need to discuss each issue and come to a mutually acceptable solution.
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There is no other way to succeed except for creating a government of national unity made of parties that really want to unite and are capable of sacrificing their interests on every issue for it. Then it will result in concessions and in completion of each other.

“Just as their faces are different, so are their thoughts and desires.”
We are all completely different, initially unity cannot be achieved directly through our similarities. We need something that connects us with each other, so that we have a “cause” for which to cancel our differences.
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A few days ago I spoke to Prof. Ichak Adizes, a top world expert in the field of management. Adizes says that love is the solution to all of life’s problems, hatred divides us and elicits rejection, while love is the key to success in #business and organizations.

From Twitter, 10/1/19

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