My Thoughts On Twitter 9/25/19

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It is impossible to pull out one resistor or transistor from the computer and understand the construction of the entire system from it. If we feel the need to expand and start thinking about all the world groups —this is a sign that we are ready to achieve a connection in the ten on a higher level.

We are working to expand our global connection (Kli). In order to correctly unite with your ten with greater precision and inner strength, scrutinizing additional details and eventually revealing the Creator in it, we must care about a wider circle.

Corrections go beyond knowledge and wishes of egoism. Our work is to come back to “There is none else besides Him.” In a place where the Creator is lacking, I must add Him. When I don’t do this, I ask forgiveness and demand strength, understanding, and sensitivity in order to see the possibility to correct.

During Slichot (repentance), we ask forgiveness for the inability to annul our egoism for the sake of our unity.
All our actions are simple, but due to their large number, constant efforts to annul ourselves and connect with each other, we achieve spiritual attainment and advancement.
#Slichot #repentance #RoshHashanah
From Twitter, 9/25/19

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