For The Good Of The Whole Body

laitman_962.7Israel is called “I am the head” (Li Rosh), and therefore, by correcting itself, it corrects the whole body of the common soul, that is, all the other nations. The correction of the body is the main goal. It cannot correct itself on its own but only by means of correcting Israel, the head. The spiritual body of Israel exists only for connection with the nations of the world. Of course, we are not talking about material bodies.1

If a person decides to fast, his body suffers even though the decision is made by the head. The body does not understand why it should suffer; it did not decide anything, and therefore, it is perplexed. This is how the nations of the world suffer from all kinds of problems, climatic anomalies, and other adversities, and do not understand why they deserve all this. After all, they do not decide anything and cannot influence these phenomena.

But instinctively, they feel that there is a head responsible for these decisions, called Israel. Due to the incorrect, corrupt behavior of this head, the body suffers. The head itself also suffers, but not as much as the body. There are billions of people in the world who are suffering, starving to death, getting sick with all kinds of diseases, and who is to blame? In truth, it is Israel that is to blame. Therefore, the natural reaction on the part of the body is instinctive hatred.

It is like a body that was forced to go on a hunger strike for a purpose it does not know and with which it does not agree. The head decided that it was going to starve now, and the body suffers. The body does not make decisions; it has no head, only the stomach that needs to be filled. The body needs to fill its vessel, but it feels that it is not allowed to do so, and the stomach is empty. Therefore, the body hates the head without understanding why this is happening.

The body cannot understand, cannot decide, and cannot accept the restriction because it needs the filling. The head does not provide the filling, and therefore, the body curses the head. There is only one solution here: the head must behave correctly and attach the body to itself. When they become one, the body will understand that this hunger strike and all other actions are for the good of the whole body, for the good of the Creator.

First of all, it is the head that must be fixed so that there is unity in it: the correct thoughts and good decisions. Then, the head will act with the body according to the desire of the upper one, that is, the Creator: it will attach the body to itself and will act together with it as a whole organism to its full height.

Israel must unite with the intention to lead to connection of the upper force with the body, the nations of the world, by means of its correction. It is for this purpose that we exist. We are only an adapter, a connecting channel between the Creator and the nations of the world.

All evil in the world is a consequence of the fact that the head is organized incorrectly. All the good that still exists in the world comes to us from the Creator as an advance. Israel is a corrupt head between the Creator and the nations of the world. Therefore, we receive blows from both the Creator and the nations of the world. The nations of the world must know about the mission of the people of Israel in order to push us purposefully.

They must understand what the correction depends on and why they hate Israel. Baal HaSulam explains that the dissemination of this knowledge among the nations of the world must precede correction, as the Pharaoh, who knew about the destiny of the people of Israel and allowed them to leave. Then the pressure of the nations of the world will become constructive, and we will work together.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/12/19, A Kli [vessel] that Holds a Blessing for Israel

1 Minute 5:55
2 Minute 7:59

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