All The Correction Is In Unity

laitman_284.05The whole correction is in unity. All that we and the whole of creation need to do is to unite. If we strive only in the direction of unity within which the Creator will be revealed, and the goal of our life is the purpose of creation, then we are moving in the right direction.

The Bnei Baruch World Group is just a vanguard, which will be followed by more and more parts of the common broken soul joining us. Thus, the Creator will have the opportunity to be revealed inside the creations with all His might.1

I have to work on the love for my friends regardless of how my friends behave toward me. After all, I perceive them as if they were sent to me by the Creator who organizes this whole picture for me. I am obliged to accept it “as is” and to understand that I see not my friends, but myself in the reverse, inverted form, which appears to me in this form.

My friends’ behavior is a manifestation of my own properties, which I still need to correct. Therefore, it does not matter what I hear and feel communicating with my friends, how much they insult and neglect me, and not only they, but the whole world in general. I have to correct myself in such a way as to perceive each friend, my colleague on the path to the goal of creation, as my best friend, and to cultivate the love for him in myself.

Thanks to the love for my friend growing inside me, I will see that he is being corrected, suddenly becoming better, more pleasant, more desirable, softer and kinder, as it is written that “love will cover all transgressions.” Moreover, I will continue to see a bad attitude on his side and at the same time will envelop him with love until I reveal that all this is arranged by the Creator.

The Creator hardens my heart through such external attire so that I develop my property of bestowal above it. After all, it is impossible to develop upon pleasant things. I will naturally be nice to someone who loves me because it is pleasant and beneficial to my egoism.

If I see that friends neglect me and reject me, then I have the opportunity to work on it. I become very sensitive and notice such subtleties that I had not seen before: someone turns a little away from me, does not look at me in a friendly way, and ignores me. It suddenly hurts me and awakens resistance and hatred in me.

Yet, I prepare myself to hold back. Then, I try to awaken love in myself, covering with it all the flaws that I see in a friend. I then find out that there is no friend—these are my own egoistic properties that the Creator shows me. It is over this depth of egoism that I have the opportunity to build a connection with the Creator, adhere to Him, and see that there are no friends, only the Creator.

What’s most important is not to forget that all this is the work of the Creator, and my task is to check and find out that I am incapable of doing it by myself. The person cannot correct himself; he was created only to ask the Creator to correct him, he was created for prayer. We must always turn to the upper one and demand from him.

Our task is to identify our flaws and ask for their correction. Therefore, friends become a vital environment for me without which I would not be able to turn to the Creator. The worse, as it seems to me, my friends treat me, the more they help me turn to the Creator.

It turns out that I myself am looking for opportunities for correction, like an old man who is walking bent over and looking for something that he hasn’t yet lost. I make an effort to identify deficiencies that can be collected and added to my prayer.2

A friend is “bought” by one’s own self-annulment. I have to pay for the “purchase” with something, that is, to give up on something, to sacrifice my egoism. I cannot destroy my egoism, but it is possible to change its use from egoism to bestowal with the help of the Light that reforms This is called “buying a friend.”3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/18, Lesson Preparation for the Virtual Convention 2018
1 Minute 1:20
2 Minute 4:00 – 11.00
3 Minute 1:28:50

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