The Day Of Remembrance Of Rabash

Laitman_917.01Baruch Shalom Levi Ashlag was the closest link to us of the chain of great Kabbalists through which the upper force is revealed to the world, and the Torah is passed down to us. He is the highest level and the only spiritual Partzuf that we depend on, and therefore, our study is mostly based on his articles. Rabash did everything to prepare the foundation for the next generation to come.

Although it was not easy, he found the strength to completely annul himself before his great father and teacher, Baal HaSulam, having absolutely no regard for himself. And because of that, he ascended through all the levels of spiritual attainment. We are yet to see from his writings just how high he reached. His essays are written in a very warm way, with great care for the reader, the student.

He had a huge burning heart full of love. However, if we are capable of grasping the depth of his writings, we would see that he was in the states of GAR of Atzilut or even higher, which is impossible to imagine.

Rabash paved the way for us by writing his articles and establishing customs that we try to adhere to. He gave us the framework in which a Kabbalistic group should exist, and we continue in this manner.

Baal HaSulam was like the ARI, creating the method of spiritual ascension, and Rabash brought it to a practical realization, and in that he resembled the Baal Shem Tov. In no other Kabbalistic writings have I ever seen such detailed descriptions of the spiritual work: how a person should organize himself in his immediate surrounding, in a wider environment, in the system of the worlds, and in his relationship with the Creator.

All these systems, that a person has to go through in order to achieve adhesion with the upper force, are not explained anywhere else in such systematic form as in Rabash’s articles. A person can take these articles and advance with them, for they will form the right attitude and the right concepts inside him.

There are no other books like these. In Rabash’s articles, not only do we get the commentary, but also detailed instructions of what to do, what reaction to expect, and how to move forward. He explains the whole process that we have to complete, the response that we get in return, and the internal states our soul goes through.

I have read these articles many times and will certainly continue reading them, and I can attest to them being concealed, and not revealed. After many years of studying, you will begin to uncover great depth in them.

You will suddenly see, that Rabash is writing about something you did not notice before, did not understand, and did not feel. These articles are not straightforward, but are quite multi-layered that become revealed in accordance with the reader’s level of comprehension. They offer such support and help to the beginners of the spiritual path, which cannot be found even in the writings of Baal HaSulam.

Baal HaSulam is a Kabbalist of the highest caliber, a scientist, a researcher, and Rabash is a spiritual coach: gentle and loving, who takes you by the hand and walks you through all the states. Only when we ascend in spirituality can we judge his true greatness.

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