The Upper Goal Determines Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: You told us that your teacher Rabash used to sing and dance when he was in states of darkness and that is how he came out of those states. What do you do when you are in states of darkness?

Answer: When I remember Rabash’s determination, his aspiration, yearning, and refusal to accept anything except being with the Creator and holding only to his father’s method, I am flooded, if not by strength, then at least by patience.

Without that, I would certainly not be able to continue to work because I am not made of iron. Students leave me, and, of course, I am sensitive to that.

But I immediately think of Rabash and that gives me great power. He was like a rock! And therefore, I invoke in me feelings that belong to that rock and get strength. He gives them to me!

As for my students, I think that they see how I work and they should take an example from me. Rabash didn’t tell me anything! I simply saw a person who totally dedicated his life to spiritual attainment. What is more, he never thought twice, not even once, and always sacrificed himself.

I was always amazed by the fact that he never thought about his internal or external problems, and his reactions and decisions were immediate. There wasn’t one bit of a doubt! Every problem changes our routine and we sink into doubts. He had such an internal power that he only advanced forward and was absolutely calm externally. It was unbelievable!

Therefore, the main thing for us is the upper goal. It is superior to everything, determines everything, and I am its slave. My ideal state is when I am incorporated in this system as its component. Although I am a live component, I want to be incorporated in it as someone who has no personal life and who performs its laws without any questions.

I want to correct myself to such an extent that I become a cogwheel within it that moves in accordance with the upper system without any thoughts or doubts! This is called being the Lord’s slave, which means a person’s complete correction. I fully attain the system and the force that manages it.

Comment: Which means that a thought arrives and you immediately follow it…

Answer: No. I still have to clarify things, reach a solution, and make a decision, but all that doesn’t take place according to earthly time but on frequencies or at a pace in which the beginning and the end actually become one.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/12/14

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