Global Darkness Before Dawn

Laitman_931-01Question: Why does it say that in every generation a person should see himself as if he came out of Egypt?

Answer: It isn’t about historical events but about states that we should undergo in every generation. Although we have already been through a certain process that brings us closer to one another and to society and we have corrected ourselves in some way and our forefathers have done the same in their generations, our children have to repeat the same process.

Everyone is born in his ego, since a person’s nature is evil from his birth, and we have to continuously overcome it and get closer to one another. But this process isn’t infinite and we are already in the last generations that have to end the correction.

In the past this process continued from one generation to the next, and now there are only a few generations left to complete it as we tie all the generations together in the one-generation of the Messiah. This is called the last generation since it sums all the actions that bring us closer to one another and then we reach the best state.

Comment: Unfortunately, we don’t see that today’s society is getting closer to the corrected state. Every day we hear about new incidents of violence on the news. I would rather call our state: catastrophic and uncorrected.

Answer: That’s true and still I am very optimistic. We see the same sequence of events in the exile in Egypt. It also begins in a very nice way in seven years of satiety when the Jews live a wonderful life in Egypt and hold the best and highest posts. Moses becomes Pharaoh’s adopted son and is raised in the palace on Pharaoh’s lap as the prince of Egypt. It seems that one could not wish for a better life. But then the seven years of hunger suddenly arrive. The children of Israel sigh under the hard work. A new king emerges in Egypt and they begin to feel how the darkness grows until the ten plagues of Egypt arrive. These plagues rain down upon us, from Pharaoh, which means our ego, and they actually help us escape and force us to change our attitude to life: to unite.

Today we feel that the period of the darkness of Egypt is starting once again, but it is general, global, and worldwide. This darkness is meant to bring us closer to redemption, but first it will be very dark. We can understand that the darkness is the sign of a new bright and wonderful state; it indicates that we want to get closer to one another, but we cannot. As a result we don’t need to receive strong blows because we already feel that we lack the force of love and bestowal.

But if we disrespect one another, the blows of Egypt will certainly come. This means that everything depends on us now. If we understand with glance, like a child who understands his parent’s warning and improves his behavior, then there is no need for the blows.

But if the child doesn’t listen, he has to be punished and eventually will do what is required of him. Everything depends on how well we can listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us. Let’s hope that we will listen to its warnings.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 3/15/15

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