The Power Of Spiritual Society

 Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: One who wishes to leave the society in favor of another must not be detained in any way, even if it is harmful to society.

We must realize that in the future society, toward which we are gradually advancing, the most important thing is the correct participation of a person in it.

He may be a great specialist in something but if he does not accept the framework of society and does not want to be equal with everyone, then he cannot remain in society just as a specialist. After all, first of all, we accept a person not because he is a specialist but because he is a friend.

Question: I would like to understand, what harm he can do to society?

Answer: He can impose his thoughts on others. There is nothing worse than that. Clever people with sharp minds and sharp feelings but with uncorrected egoism can seriously harm society.

Attainment of the Creator comes through connection among people, when everyone becomes equal, each one annulling himself and adjusting to the others. That is, the “biggest” one is the one who makes himself the smallest. These are two completely opposite qualities.

Therefore, people with a huge egoistic desire who constantly strive, even unconsciously, to come forward do not belong in such a society. They are presented with the condition: if they are unable to change themselves and be like everyone else, they will have to leave the society.

A person can be unremarkable, with average abilities, but he is a friend and not someone who, all the time, jumps out and tries to shine with his egoistic qualities. Individualists are not needed.

Only a cohesive mass of people can produce a spiritual result. There is no other way! The power of a spiritual society is in its center, in the union of everybody, and in the common aspiration.

Question: Can a person with a big ego annul himself before society? How did you do this?

Answer: I was a great egoist, disagreeing with the group in many ways. I am surprised how they tolerated me. However, at the end, through very difficult circumstances, I managed to understand that I must bend myself.

Comment: But you had a teacher Rabash. You were annulling yourself before him.

Answer: This made it even harder. When you have a teacher next to you, who supports you, then you need to annul yourself much more. It is very difficult.

However, there is nowhere to escape to. If a person is persistent and accepts everything that society indicates to him, then he gets help from above in the end.

Question: So, does this mean that it is somehow possible to work with the character and the qualities that are given to you by nature?

Answer: Only if the Creator will do it. If the Creator does not build the Temple, meaning the soul, then all the attempts of a person are in vain.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/19/17

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