Who Can Engage In Spiritual Work?

Laitman_032.02Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: Not everyone must delve in spirituality, but only a chosen few according to the changing needs. There will be a so-called Supreme Court and all who wish to participate in the spiritual life, must first be permitted to do so by this court.

Permission to engage in spiritual work must be issued by a court comprised of people who see that a person is worthy of it. For example, today, the doors of our organization are open to everyone who wishes to come. But in the future, it should be more limited.

It is impossible to call all people to engage in spiritual development because this is not according to the framework of the development of society. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that there are such people who are not fit for this. They have an undeveloped soul  or more precisely, they have different kind of soul. They do not need Kabbalah. We see that today, only a few thousand people out of seven billion are attracted to it

This is the way it should be. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly limit the reception of people who are trying to engage in this wisdom. Although there are no restrictions in principle, among them, there are those who simply do not need it. They are just deceiving themselves.

Moreover, not only students, but teachers as well—everyone up to the very last, highest instance—will need to receive permission to be in their spiritual role.

Question: If I, as a resident of the last generation, have some ideas as to how to raise the society to a higher level, do I need to turn to the highest court in order for it to consider my proposal?

Answer: Obviously, yes. However, in principle, you do not need a higher court for this. After all, you exist in a certain framework; you study somewhere. Contact people at that place. You do not need to go immediately to the Supreme Court. The local court will be enough, as it is in our time.

However, a person must go through the inspecting body because the court directs, supports, obliges him, and gives a basis to anyone who wants to progress spiritually by engaging in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Otherwise, there is no other way to reach the revelation of the Creator. The goal of spiritual life is the attainment of the Creator by a person in this world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/12/17

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