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So The Prayer Would Reach The Creator

laitman_936Recently, our world has been discovering its insolvency, vileness, and lies. Beautiful phrases only help to see how we do not conform to different ideals.

Those centuries when people were inspired by such phrases have already passed. Today we are more sober, egoistic, and looking for a real solution to our relationships.

This mission comes down to prayer. The Creator determines the whole nature, pros and cons; He tugs and shakes us. Just grabbing onto Him helps us hold the nature within ourselves in a way that it also holds us.

Therefore, prayer, a request to the Creator so that He would hold us above our egoism, is primary. Only by rising above the ego do we achieve the right state, so-called faith above reason or bestowal above reception.

Despite the fact that our body and mind disagree with bestowal, love, and sacrifice, we must master the quality of the Creator and work for bestowal in joy.

At our level, we are given the opportunity to cling so much to our friends and to the Creator that through them an upper force acts on us and disconnects us from our egoism, from our “I,” and we can leave this “I.”

Then we gain a feeling of the state outside ourselves, faith above reason, a sense of the ten, and in it—the Creator. Beforehand, it is impossible. Therefore, the correct positioning of oneself in regard to the ten and the Creator is to ask them, ask the Creator to do everything possible to help you, to pull you out of your “I.” Otherwise, you will remain in it and when will this happen for you? Will it ever happen at all? It is unknown.

Baal HaSulam writes that he was very happy with the problems that are revealed, because those that are not revealed yet are practically in a zero state, and who knows if they will ever be exposed. If they are revealed, it will be a great blessing, happiness, condescension.

Therefore, we must strive with all our might, and most importantly, beg the group to help us. If we ask strongly, then our request will reach the Creator.
From Lesson 4, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/7/19, Rejoice in What We Lack/Work in Concealment

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Imperfection Is Not A Hindrance

525Remark: Almost everyone of us wants to be good and strives to always be the best. Scientists claim that it takes courage to be imperfect.

My Comment: One who is always checking: Are you not bad; are you worse than others, etc.? This is an unhappy person. He does not rejoice in himself, but looks at everything only in comparison to others. Nothing good will come of it because we are all different.

It is possible to compare only if all my parameters coincide with all the parameters of another person and yet he is more successful than I am. But if we are different, then what is there to compare?

Let us assume that my parameters are worse in some way and the other person’s parameters are better in some way, or vice versa. Naturally, there will be differences. So what? In this case, they say: “Go to the craftsman who made me.” It does not depend on you.

Remark: Scientists claim that behind the desire to be good is caring for one’s own prestige.

My Comment: Naturally.

Remark: The one who is really worried about others will not waste valuable time to find out whether he is good or bad. He is simply not interested in it.

My Comment: Absolutely. Does he do it for the good of others or not?

Remark: It is stated here that he acts for his own good.

My Comment: So, it means that all this is vicious and nothing good will come of it in the end. One should only develop in the direction of a bigger benefit for others.

Question: What benefit does this bring a person?

Answer: That which he reveals to the Creator because there is no other good for people. Only to reveal the Creator to them.

What does it mean? To show them that there is a goal that must be achieved and help them in this. That is all, nothing more. Do not to think about yourself. It feels so comfortable, calm, and good.

Only when you think of others—a very good life. This is the most reliable, the best, and the most beneficial thing that a person can do—to help others reach the Creator.

This is the best state, when it does not matter what happens to you. The main thing is that you devote yourself to this craft.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 6/25/19

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Kabbalah And Beliefs, Part 12

laitman_444How Do Kabbalists Relate to the World?

Question: There is an attitude to the world and to others. What is the difference between the way a Kabbalist relates to the world and the way ordinary people do?

Answer: The Kabbalist treats the world as the work of the Creator. The world is an example of how I relate to the Creator. A good attitude toward people, toward the world, means a good attitude toward the Creator. In principle, nothing exists for a Kabbalist except himself and the Creator.

Question: Baal HaSulam writes in his article The Solution“The religious form of all the nations should first obligate its members to bestowal upon each other to the extent that the life of one’s friend will come before one’s own life, of “Love thy friend as thyself.” One will not take pleasure in society more than a backward friend.

This will be the collective religion of all the nations that will come within the framework of communism. However, besides that, each nation may follow its own religion and tradition; one must not interfere in the other.”

So do all Kabbalists relate to this that way or only Baal HaSulam?

Answer: Kabbalists act according to the law “there is no coercion in spirituality.” Each from his point in the heart, from his character, from his egoism, will gradually reach equivalence of form with the Creator and will enter that place in the general system of private souls where he will complement them and will interact with them in complete harmony.

Question: That is, a person can engage in Kabbalah, explore his selfish nature, work with the upper force as a law of nature, and at the same time, be in some specific traditions, religious frameworks, and one will not interfere with the other?

Answer: Of course. A person can have any religious framework. Religion in this case is simply considered as culture.

Question: Does this refer to the root of the human soul?

Answer: Yes, to any manifestations of a person. One can worship anyone and do anything, it does not matter. The main thing is that a person accepts the basic tenets of Kabbalah. If one fulfills them, then one will gradually reveal the true world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/17/18

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New Life #3 – The Environment As A Means For Development

New Life #3 – The Environment As A Means For Development
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Humanity needs to learn how to build a positive environment in which it can further develop so that we can become unified and integrated like the rest of nature. While we are born with bits of genetic information, the environment influences our desires throughout our lifespan. Like fruit ripening on a tree, people need the right environment to become a perfect expression of themselves. Courses, activities, games, and discussions can teach people how to have a good life by connecting with one another. We can rise to a level of development that is outside the human body and be able to feel others as ourselves. Through the right environment, we will experience a much richer world with a multifaceted mind and heart and a generalized feeling and understanding of the world outside of our own individual egos. We will attain the purpose of all creation which is a thought that exists in a dimension above and beyond us.
From Kab TV’s “New Life #3 – The Environment As A Means For Development,” 12/29/11

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/4/19

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Rabash, “Love of Friends – 1.3”  (1984)

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Lesson on the Topic “Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria”

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