Prayer—Conversation With The Creator

laitman_235Question: How do we use the difference between exalting the Creator and gratitude to Him in prayer?

Answer: There are lots of kinds of expressions in prayer. It is a request, praising, gratitude for the past, and even, in a sense, my promises for the future.

Prayer is a conversation with the Creator. You should not address Him with any clichés. Only from yourself. It can be in the form of an internal dialogue when each of you talks with the Creator. It can be in the form of a plea in one direction. In whatever form you want.

An example of prayer are the Psalms of King David. He was a great Kabbalist who lived in the ninth century BC. He wrote a collection of prayers Psalms, which are popular throughout the world in all religions. Read, you will find yourself there too, because they include absolutely all conditions—from zero to 100%, to the complete correction of all souls.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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