How To Solve A Problem Correctly?

laitman_530Question: How is a joint decision on a corporeal problem made?

Answer: Suppose we decided in the group that we should construct a building. Based on our vision, from our connection in the ten, we draw all the conditions of the project: what should this building be like, why do we need it, etc.

By the way, at one time, in an article about the Third Temple, Ramchal described how he sees it and even made a drawing. That was 600 years ago. I hope that in our time, we will soon be able to begin its implementation. Although we are not at the level of Ramchal, but as far as we can understand the drawing, as far as we can read it, we will implement it.

Question: But still, let’s say we decided to build a center somewhere. You think that it should be in one city, I think in another, the third one thinks that it should be a different size in general. What should we do? Everyone has their own opinion. How is the decision made in Kabbalah?

Is there a voting method when a decision is made either by a majority vote or unanimously?

Answer: Not unanimously but in full conjunction with each other.

Question: Should I ignore my opinion?

Answer: No. If we are talking about a Kabbalistic group, then first of all we must solve the problem of the connection between us so that we unite into one common whole, when all our feelings, qualities, and thoughts are united in one system, and in this system, we begin to solve everything.

Indeed, in it, we become similar to the Creator, similar to a single force in which all opposites are joined together, mutually complementing each other. Then our problem will be solved correctly, in mutual satisfaction, as the power of the Creator will be in it, absolute equivalence and balance with nature.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/25/18

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