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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

One cannot advance without rising and falling. With every step you take you also fall in order to understand what a “fall” is and, thus, be able to advance. This is the only way to move forward: a fall always follows a good state.
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The uniqueness of #Kabbalah is that it is not knowledge that is passed down to a student but a connection to the source. To get it, one must be connected to his teacher and receive everything from him. For the #teacher is a link in the chain that connects him with the source of this wisdom, stretching from Adam.

It is not necessary for everyone who follows the chain of Kabbalists to be below those before him. For example, Ari rose above the Kabbalists preceding him. The revelation of the upper world for each Kabbalist corresponds to the root of his soul and the efforts made by him.

#Kabbalah comes from the word “to receive,” it is a reception of light that reforms followed by an inner light that fulfills. Opening the path for the light is only possible through the mutual effort of a student and teacher. Efforts bring the light, the light builds a screen.

Passing down the knowledge of Kabbalah depends on the proper connection between the teacher and the student. The upper transfer happens “mouth to mouth,” meaning through the shared active screens between them. At the very least there must be a “mouth to ear” transfer; this is the first step of studying correctly.

In order to transmit spiritual wisdom from a teacher to a student or a group of students, it is necessary to form a special common desire—a vessel (Kli), a place for receiving the light, a spiritual message from an upper source into a vessel.

A thread of passing down the wisdom of #kabbalah stretches from the first Kabbalist, Adam to us. If the thread comes down to a person, he is obliged to bind himself tightly to it, to the source, and to the teacher and try to get the wisdom of Kabbalah from the source through the whole chain of Kabbalists.

The center of the ten is a place where the Creator is concealed from us. If we focus on it in order to uncover this center, the black hole—this is where the Creator will be revealed. Then we’ll also find ourselves in this black hole where the true reality exists.
Everything outside of it is an illusory world.

We must reconcile this, accept it, and go above it.

Inside a desire we feel ourselves living in this world among billions of people, surrounded by a group of friends lead by a teacher. All this is pictured for me by the Creator, and I must correctly “balance” the pieces of this picture in order to act correctly.
#Wisdom #Kabbalah

The black hole is relative to us, for it is the ego that sees darkness in it. It demands going above knowledge, following the opinion of the teacher, of the Creator, of the group. It feels as utter darkness to me. My mind understands that going against the ego-desire is the truth, but my heart doesn’t feel it yet …

Pick your scrutinies: what does everything exist for and why, aim for the goal with all your might, toward adhesion with the Creator. Upon receiving the force of bestowal, of love and unity, we’ll be able to gradually bring the whole world to this adhesion.

Everything will be corrected with unity.
From Twitter, 11/23/19

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Life According To A New Script, Part 2

laitman_760.2Life is a script that I can rewrite again and start to control my life. In the end, a person gets tired of the movie someone forcibly made him the main character of. This is someone else’s life and I want to live my own life.

I then realize that everything around me is not mine, that I am under the influence of thousands of forces from different sources, and they play with me like with a ball, kicking and tossing me from place to place.

The question is: How can I stop this movie? I need a force that is above the actors playing with me in my life. I want to rise above my existence, above work, family, home, and plan my own life by myself. After all, we do not know how the script will turn in the next second and what new characters will appear in it.

I do not know the script of my life. In order to know it, I need to rise to the degree above myself and know the upper plan. Then I will understand how to play in it, what for, why, and what the purpose of this movie is.

Everyone wants to receive a good feeling from life; otherwise, why do we need it, its end is clear. Yet, while life is not yet over, I want to live it according to a good scenario. To do this, I need to connect with the forces that control my life, and the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how to do this.

No matter how many times I rewrite the script according to my will, I will find out that it causes me harm. If I really want to write a program for my future, I have to study and learn what is best for me and how to change the script to a good one. When I really understand what good is, I will find out that I have an opportunity to shoot this movie and be the main character in it and director of it.

After all, a person usually does not understand what is good for him. We see that the forces controlling our lives involve us in such terrible films that we do not want to watch. But we can switch this movie to another if we know what we really want. By receiving this knowledge, we will receive the ability to make changes.

The entire development of a person in this life is designed to lead us to an understanding of what is really good for us. As soon as we understand this, we can immediately begin to live in it. This is because the good movie is already ready! We just do not want it, we reject it because of our short-sightedness.
From KabTV’s “New Life #1167,” 10/22/19

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“From Rockets To European Labeling Of Israeli Products” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “From Rockets to European Labeling of Israeli Products

When Will Threats Against Israel Stop?

Around 450 rockets have been fired at Israel in the last few days and still counting, despite the announcement of a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Beyond the headlines, residents in the south and center of the country, the areas directly under attack, are paying a heavy price, living in constant fear and uncertainty about the future.

Are we on the road to an escalation or is the current menace one that will die out soon? Either way, we have not solved the root of the problem, nor does it seem that a solution looms on the horizon. Our fate depends only on us, the people of Israel, on our unity.

Mounting Pressure Against Israel

Life in Israel is similar to living in a fortress, always on the alert against enemy attacks. However, we do not enjoy protection from any enemy: not Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the south, not Hezbollah in the north, or even from a Russian submarine that was recently located off the shores of the center of the country. If we widen our gaze, we will realize that the attacks come from all fronts. The European Court of Justice decided not to allow us time to even recover from the wounds of the current rocket attacks before inflicting a new blow. The EU’s highest legal court adopted a resolution stating that the European countries are obliged to mark any product originating in the Israeli settlements—territory that Israel captured, the West Bank and East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war, areas disputed by the Palestinians—so consumers could make “informed choices” when they shopped.

The court’s ruling has been considered anti-Semitic and discriminatory by Israeli authorities and producers, since Israel is the only country that has been singled out, despite the fact that there are over 200 territorial disputes around the world; the labeling measure only applies to Israeli goods.

How Should Israel React?

Wars in the field and in judiciary courts, ground attacks and psychological warfare, will be of no help. Nor will idleness. When the nations of the world rise against the people of Israel in one way or another, the only viable solution is to access our common arsenal: the power of unity. Therein lies a more supreme power, stronger than all our current forces. As the sages wrote:

“The prime defense against calamity is love and unity. When there are love, unity, and friendship between each other in Israel, no calamity can come over them.” (Maor Vashemesh)

We ought to listen attentively to the message the world is screaming at us. We need to peel off our thick layers of stubbornness and absorb the essence of the demand coming at us, the reason an accusatory finger is pointed toward Israel. What is the world requesting? They are asking only for good and fulfillment.

Access to that good depends on the Jewish people. The key is in our hands. If we are united in one heart, we will be like a conduit of supreme power to the nations of the world. It will be through us that the good, the abundance, and the love for all will pass, without exception. In this way, without a lot of words and without noise, we will be recognized as “light unto the nations.” This is our unique virtue and role as the people of Israel. As the Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) wrote:

“The Israeli nation had been constructed as a sort of gateway by which the sparks of purity would shine upon the whole of the human race the world over.” (The Arvut – Mutual Guarantee)

Light on the Horizon

We do not need another day of rockets or more sorrow of children crying in shelters before we react. We must undertake an incisive analysis now in the spirit of the saying, “the end of the action lies in the initial thought.” And the final outcome should be to unite as one, above our origins, ideologies, and preferences, to foster unity as a nation showing a positive example to the world.

Repairing the world on all levels begins with our connection, the connection within the people of Israel. If we establish unity as a distinct trend, we will bear witness to a positive transformation throughout the world. As the wisdom of Kabbalah describes, the solution to our situation, whether negative or positive, belligerent or friendly, depends exclusively on us. The solution lies in our hearts, in our desire to either unite or not unite.

By virtue of our connection we will awaken great, unifying forces dwelling in nature that will affect our surrounding world in a harmonious way, and everything will calm down. Forces that currently oppose us will be reversed. Today’s enemies will approach us with love, and peace will reign.

New Life 280 – Upgrading Relationships, Part 2

New Life 280 – Upgrading Relationships, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The new product of the future is the force of connection. We are entering a time when 90% of society will no longer need to work and will spend their time learning how to connect with one another in an integral fashion. Nature is a single global, unified system including the still, vegetative, and animate levels of reality. Humans warp this system due to their egoistic, competitive nature. We are recognizing the evil in human nature since we want to earn at the expense of others and destroy the entire planet in the process. Our desire to control and rule everything has created an imbalance and a global social and environmental crisis.

We can no longer be fulfilled through material acquisition. Therefore, it has become a growing necessity to continue our development according to our spiritual needs. In order to attain a new degree of human development, we need to change our attitude toward others and nature. We can learn how to do this through workshops in groups of ten people. The new system of education will change the human heart and mind so that we can understand and feel one another in a new and positive way. Every person will recognize the degree of nature, how to identify with it, and discover nature’s unlimited corporeal and spiritual treasures.
From Kab TV’s “New Life 280 – Upgrading Relationships, Part 2,” 12/31/13

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World—Reality Or Illusion? Part 15

laitman_963.8Playing Equivalence With The Creator

Question: How can those of us studying Kabbalah feel the Creator if we simply play the role of those who feel Him in front of the friends, but really don’t know anything about Him except His qualities? How will we know that we are approaching Him and it is not an illusion or just our imagination, but it will become real?

Answer: Try to play as if you are similar to the Creator with respect to your friend. And you will see how much this begins to develop you and your friend.

The friend in his turn will also begin to react to you in the same way. Thus, you will be developing each other together, and the Creator will be helping you both.

The main thing is to try to do everything in a way in which you would manifest yourself like the Creator.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 9/15/19

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