Who Wrote The Script Of Fate?

Laitman_709Question: If a person’s entire destiny is predetermined, then in what manner is this script realized? Who is the director who actualizes it?

Answer: This program is actualized through the power of a single force called “nature” or the “Creator,” the upper force.

It’s a positive, benevolent force, within which, as if within a force field, there exists a desire. The desire is called the created being because it did not exist prior to being created by this positive force, the Creator.

The Creator, as a benevolent force, develops the desire, placing it under the “steamroller of evolution” and obligates it to progress. The force of evolution is pushing us from behind with pain and suffering or pulling us forward with pleasure. After all, the material of the created being is a desire to receive pleasure, to receive fulfillment.

Because of this, the desire continuously develops toward greater and greater complexity of form. In other words, within this desire, which up until now felt only pleasure or pain in response to life experiences, another component is added—the brain, the memory—due to the traumatic experiences of life.

The entire path of the developmental experience formulates within the created being an internal program: memory of past states and conditions, which lead to positive or negative sensations within the desire to receive. All past situations are recorded within the desire as memory about pleasure and pain and also accumulate within the brain as past experiences.

Ultimately, this desire is able to make predictions, build some future plans, plan in advance what to choose and what to avoid. All this is based on prior experience.

A person can also learn from the experience of the environment: inanimate, vegetative, animals, and other people. That’s how he advances. But, regardless of the complexity of this program, within it there are no accidental elements that cannot be predicted in advance. If we knew all of nature, all the forces working within it, then we would be able to know ahead of time, to measure exactly, to understand and observe that events will unfold in this particular manner and in no other possible way.

It’s as if we built a machine or computer system and knew exactly how it must operate in its correct functioning state. A person is also exactly like that, so is a group of people and all of humanity—there is nothing unexpected within it. The problem is only in our ignorance; it doesn’t mean that there are some unknown glitches in the system. If they are unknown, it’s only us.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” Episode #888, 7/25/17

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