New Life 478 – The Right To Change Our Fate

New Life 478 – The Right To Change Our Fate
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Question: The thing that impresses a person who hears about the wisdom of Kabbalah for the first time is that the wisdom of Kabbalah gives him a chance to change his fate. Each of us would like to get rid of his daily troubles and suffering, his financial, health, and family, and the problems in every aspect of our life. Is the wisdom of Kabbalah really that powerful that it allows a person control over his fate and enables him to change it?

Answer: I am glad that more and more people ask about how we can change our fate and whether this is really possible. It raises several questions. Is our life really in the hands of blind fate or is our fate predetermined and meant to lead us to a certain goal? Can we influence our fate? After all we feel that we are totally controlled by it.

There are people who can even foresee the future. I know several such people and I can confirm that they did actually foresee things that later came true. They had a premonition as to what would happen in the future.

This means that all the events have already been registered in a certain program above, which later descend like a computer program and begin to operate, and we are in it moving according to this program.

There is indeed fate, and today we are becoming increasingly more convinced that we are in its hands. In the past, we lived far from one another, one country to the next, one continent to the next, and so we felt we had no control over our lives.

Things are different today: humanity is strong enough and has enough knowledge, brains, ability, desire, and an inner need to control our lives, but we see that we cannot do so. It is a miracle: we do everything we can in order to manage our lives, but things only get worse.

It wasn’t so in the past, but today we realize we are absolutely helpless and unable to control our fate in any way. The question is whether we can influence our fate.

In every generation there are people who can foresee the future and who can say what will happen. Foreseeing fate is one thing, but changing it is a totally different issue. No one can do that. If someone promises you that, you should be very careful.

Question: It turns out that fate is like a finalized script of a play that we are going to act in. There are people who can foresee our destiny, but no one can actually change it. Does the wisdom of Kabbalah enable us to reveal our fate and most importantly to change it?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that is first and foremost meant to reveal the plan of creation to us, which means the process we undergo. This process controls us and leads us to a certain goal from one generation to the next. It began even before the creation of our universe and it will bring us to the end of creation when this whole world will take on its new form, which is different from its current form.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us only about part of the general plan. The plan itself is much wider and includes other dimensions beyond time, motion, and space, but the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about what we need to do here while living in this world, as we call it, and how we can change our fate during this lifetime. It enables us to change our state at every given moment so that it will be for everyone’s sake: for our own sake and for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a very practical science and is only meant for practical use.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah there is fate and everything that is registered has to be fulfilled, but we can change the way we undergo these states. Suppose I am a child whose parents sent to first grade and I have no choice but to go to school for ten years until I graduate.

However, it is up to me how I will spend those next ten years: whether nicely or in a terrible painful way, whether I will feel good or bad, whether I will be punished or receive commendations. This means changing our fate.

Question: It turns out that the script has already been written and according to it I have to be in school, but it is up to me how I will feel in this predetermined state.

Answer: It is up to me how the program will operate on me to the extent that I manage to learn it and how to use it.
From KabTV’s “New Life 478 – The Right To Change Our Fate,” 12/21/14

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