The End Of The Era Of Neoliberalism

laitman_268_01In the News (The Guardian): In her first party address since announcing she would run for a fourth term as chancellor next year, Merkel focused on law-and-order issues guaranteed to fire up her party’s conservative base. …

“The year 2016 had made the world more uncertain and unstable, Merkel said: ‘When the world has been turned upside down, we have to first do everything to make sure that Europe doesn’t come weaker out of the current situation than it went into it.’”

My Comment: Certainly! The world is advancing toward absolute anarchy. Angela Merkel is an absolute neoliberal. They advocate that the world be united, that there be no borders, that everything be in common! Everyone without exception will be allowed to come to Europe. They believe that a human “salad” like this will ultimately bring about a correct and balanced situation; they believe that a free public market in society and the political national leadership will make a society that can adapt itself to any situation on its own.

Ultimately, it will become clear that this is not so because the ego is what adapts itself, and they don’t take that into account.

They don’t see this because each one prefers to think that he is managed by common sense and logic, meaning a balanced ego and not a limited ego.

Question: What would happen if they were to understand this?

Answer: They will not be able to understand this because they are very far from keeping balance between the two lines, the right and left, in the third, the middle.

This is the same as it was with Trotsky and his associates who believed that there is no way to curb human evil, selfishness, except with harsh repression. And then you can press the people to rehabilitate it. As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” And they really made a hell, killing forty million people. But they had good intentions.

Comment: This is contrary to the neoliberal approach; after all, they don’t seek to annihilate anyone. On the contrary, they say that there is much that is good in a person and we can be united.

My Response: They really think that way. But they proceed under the assumption that it will happen by itself. But in Europe, neoliberalism has died and is heading toward fascism. Ultimately, dictatorial, fascist regimes will rise to dominance throughout the world. Baal HaSulam, the Kabbalistic giant, spoke about this and emphasized that after capitalism we would be compelled to dip into fascism or immediately leap into socialism of the Kabbalistic kind.

Trump is a sign of this line. It is now necessary to convey this to everyone as clearly and distinctively as possible so that everyone will see this.

Comment: I have noticed that today, within every nation, a leader, a “Trump,” is suddenly discovered.

My Response: Indeed, Trump awakened everyone. He opened the door. Understandably, he is also like a puppet on a string and doesn’t understand what he is doing.

An interesting period can be expected for us now when Trump in the US together with the leaders of Europe and Russia will begin to create a common policy.

Question: Do you believe that additional “Trump” figures will pop up in Germany, France, and throughout the world?

Answer: I am convinced that there is no other way out, or war will break out, and this would be the end of humanity. So I think that Russia, Europe, the United States, and even India and China, must do everything possible to reach an agreement between them and create a new system, communism.

Question: Are you sure you are not mistaken?

Answer: I am not mistaken. One of the two will happen: either the Nazis or communism in the Kabbalistic sense will arise, when everything will change in a communal direction only, in the direction of connection between people, which will determine their movement forward.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/7/16

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