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laitman_527_02Question: The anniversary of the birth of the language Esperanto was celebrated recently. Esperanto was an attempt to construct a language that would unite all people. It was a great idea and a good try, but in the end, it achieved nothing. Why? It seems that the intention was correct: for all to speak the same language.

Answer: What for? It’s unnatural.

At one time, when we were closer with one another, we spoke the same language. That was in ancient Babylon. And then, with rise in mutual rejection, we suddenly started to speak in different tongues. This was the “destruction of the Tower of Babel,” when people internally stopped understanding one another.

They internally distanced themselves from each other with their different aspirations; their interconnections with each other became estranged and that’s why they stopped understanding each other to such an extent that they starting speaking different languages. All the languages of the world came from that. And that’s why they all went their separate ways. That’s how we live to this day.

Question: Then why not have a language that unites everyone? By the way, two million people speak Esperanto.

Answer: None of them speak it. These two million are spending time with each other like any other common interest group.

Nothing will come of this until people begin to feel that they should once again become one, that they have a common base, a common goal. Then they will find that is a common language that they will be able to speak.

The inner language of a person will be revealed, people will simply understand each other, even without words, internally translating the thoughts of one another. That language will definitely appear! But only after humanity decides that it wants to be united. At the root of the shattering that occurred in Babylon was egoism. If we begin to rise above it, we will once again unite in our mutual understanding of each other. No language is needed for that.

That’s why Esperanto will not give you anything. It’s that same Babylon with different languages. Out of all that same confusion they made a new “salad,” which only reminds us about the past, the shattering, and the distancing from each other.

Question: If people really want to unite, to become one whole, then the language will appear by itself?

Answer: Yes. They must concern themselves only with their spiritual, soulful, connection to each other, and then they will know in what language to communicate.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman,” 7/27/17

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