The Convention Will Revive Our Collective Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of work do the people attending the upcoming Convention have to do? What is our role in the unification of the global world so that we may become the people through whom the wisdom will pour onto the nations of the world?

Answer: This work is exemplified by the law that governs the existence of any living organism. Suppose that receptors of the nervous system are placed throughout the body. In the same manner, the vascular, lymphatic, and other systems spread through the entire organism. Likewise, people from all over the world are arriving to the Convention. On one hand, they all belong to one system, the system of Israel. On the other, they all live in different countries located in various corners of the globe and seem to belong to diverse, alien nations.

Each place where they reside is affected by various spiritual forces. The entire globe and each of its parts is affected by a certain Upper Force “responsible” for the continent, country, or nation. Therefore, a person who is part of the system of Israel and is arriving from some other country or place in the world is, in a way, our representative in the collective system.

Let’s take, for instance, the nervous system whose receptors exist in the leg, arm, chest, and stomach areas. And now, these parts of ours (as it were) that are located in different countries are arriving, and we unite together. It turns out that, together, we awaken our collective system, for instance, the nervous system of the collective soul called Adam. And then, through our friends living in various places in the world, we, together, awaken the whole world.

We see that after our conventions, awakenings occur in previously unheard of places, and people whom we have never heard about start joining us. Each of them is a force able to awaken billions of people. After all, in spirituality, if the contact is made, the Light immediately reaches the organ wherein this soul belongs.

Thus, we observe that our collective soul expands throughout the entire world and exists in all humanity. And the response of this collective soul clothed in all humanity is amazing. We begin to feel that this is, indeed, the integral global mankind, for the first time beginning to understand that we all depend on each other.

Thus, by means of such gatherings, when we unify together with our friends (the integrated system of Israel in the whole world), we thereby revive the entire system of individual souls that are mutually connected not by the egoistic principle, but by the principle of Isra-El (aspiring directly for the Creator).

This is what is called the correct, internal circulation of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the whole world. Uniting, we thereby fulfill our role as Israel in relation to all nations of the world. Thanks to that, we will be finally graced with unity and the Creator will dwell in the assembly of our souls.
From Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “Israel and the Nations of the World” 10/26/10

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