The Creator Hears Everyone’s Prayer

Laitman_153Question: What does it mean: “The Creator hears everyone’s prayer”?

Answer: The Creator is the upper system, the system of Bina, called Elokim.

This system hears all of our pleas because we are its consequence; we live inside Bina—not at its height, but inside of it—since it gives birth to us, takes care of us, and supports our existence so that we would desire to become like it. It is completely bestowing and we are all receivers. That is how we were created.

Bina gave birth to us and takes care of us, and we gradually reach a state where we find that we are opposite to it. We do not care that we are opposite to it; we do not even identify that this is so, but an aspiration to attain this degree of Bina awakens in us.

This aspiration is called the point in the heart. This point awakens us because the degree of Bina is always working on us. This goes on until we start to turn to it, wishing to come closer to it. We suddenly feel that it is important. We aspire to it as if yearning to return home, to attain our source.

What do we aspire to? To the root of our life, the place where it originates. We aspire to our source in order to find answers to the questions—“Where do I come from? Why do I exist? For what purpose?”—because the root contains everything. We do not know about the future, but the root exists, without a doubt.

Therefore, we aspire to Bina since we contain a spark from there. This spark connects us to the degree of Bina. Our will to receive is completely on the degree of Malchut, which Bina gave birth to.

This is how we exist inside an inner sensation between two worlds: between the degree of Bina, the upper world, and the degree of Malchut, the lower world. This is already contained in us. Now our work is to constantly respect, awaken, and grow this spark. That is what we do with the help of the work in the group.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/17, “Working with Disturbances”

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