Kabbalah And Beliefs, Part 10

laitman_567.04In A Dance With The Creator

Baal HaSulam, “Freedom of Will“: The way of Kabbalah consists in relying on the minds of those who already attained the ultimate goal, as if it was our own life experience. … Hence, the law of communal living is considered one of nature’s laws and we must observe it with great caution. This law must develop realization of: self-love as evil and love for others as good, because this is the only way to loving the Creator.

The essence of all spiritual techniques is to understand the Creator, comprehend Him. But only the science of Kabbalah leads us to this because it reveals how the Creator acts on us, how we must respond to Him, and through this two-way interaction “He is for me, I am for Him” to establish a right constant connection, like in a tango in which two are dancing in unison.

Such a dance, when we enter into full integration with the Creator is called the “bride’s dance,” in which what comes from Him to me and what comes from me to Him are completely incorporated.
From the KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/17/18

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