The Black Point Is The Germ Of The Soul

laitman_622.02In order to begin expanding the point in the heart, to feel all kinds of qualities in it, its components, we are gathering together. A very great effort must be made, contrary to my inclination, to surrender to the connection between us, when I do not want to feel myself, but I want to feel the friends. This is the way I develop the point in the heart. I want to feel them instead of myself.

If we act in this way, then through annulling ourselves and attracting the qualities of the friends, we will begin to feel the upper world. One who wants to know the meaning of life must concentrate their attention on the black point in their heart.

The heart is called our desires, and the black point is the desire that I absolutely have no need for. It exists in me, I intellectually understand what the quality of bestowal means, but I do not want to implement it or to feel it within me. Therefore, our movement toward spirituality means that in spite of my rejection of the black point, from the quality of bestowal, despite the rejection between us, we are approaching each other.

Try to feel this rapprochement. The bigger the rejection between us, the more I nevertheless try to push myself toward others—to the friends, strangers, and loved ones, no matter to whom.

I will then begin to feel this point as the beginning of my spiritual Kli (vessel), the sensory organ. This is when it turns within me into an opportunity to feel the upper state, which is inverse to mine. I begin to reveal the inverse world. This is the spiritual world.

Expanding, in spite of myself, this reversal of my point in which I reject any rapprochement with the friends, I create a place where I begin to feel spiritual qualities and spiritual actions. This point then becomes the germ of my soul, my quality of bestowal, quality of connection with others, in which I begin to feel the Creator.

It should then become clear how these actions are contrary to our nature, repel us, how unbelievably difficult it is to imagine the quality of attraction to others, both myself to them or them to me, as if I need to tear something within me.

We cannot do anything about it, we only need to ask. Yet, our request can lead us to success when we attract the upper force, the upper light. Then, the point in the heart begins to develop like a plant from a seed. The volume, area, all kinds of qualities appear in it and it becomes an embryo of our soul. Just as a person develops from a drop of semen, so does the development of the soul.

This initial point exists in every one of us; it came from the shattering of the common soul that was broken specifically so we can restore it and thus acquire the qualities of the spiritual world, the qualities of the Creator. We must bring ourselves to this action.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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