Whitening The Black Point

laitman_423_02Human growth in the spiritual world is similar to the phases of the moon, the constant renewal of the moon. The moon symbolizes Malchut, which in itself is black and doesn’t shine but reaches correction through the Ohr Hozer (Returning Light). The correction of the moon is called Kiddush (Sanctification), which is Kodesh (Holiness), meaning it rises to the level of Bina through which it is whitened. Through corrections, the black point transforms into a white point every month.

A Hodesh (Month) symbolizes Hidush (Innovation), and this doesn’t necessarily last thirty days. It is even after this when the work with our spiritual Partzuf is divided into Rosh, Toch and Sof, each one with ten Sefirot from which exactly thirty parts result. However, in the meantime, we can go through renewals every moment because we have not yet discovered the details clarifying our contact with the Creator at every point.

So, the main thing now is to try to construct oneself as an Ubar (Fetus) within the group. It is necessary to imagine that the group has the image of the Creator that it is in connection and love, and only I must become integrated with it. Through the group, I will be able to find the strength that will help me to nullify myself.

I must nullify myself regarding all of the events in life, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t need to do anything, as we sometimes mistakenly think and sit without moving in some meditation, canceling ourselves with respect to something higher. Nullifying myself means canceling my egoism, not inaction.

I specifically need to carry out actions, and there are many. I need to contend with all of the disturbances that conceal “There is none else besides Him” and, as it is written, “You are good and You do good” (Psalms 119:68) from me. I need to determine beyond all of the disturbances that everything comes from the Creator, both me and my surroundings.

There is only one black point, from which I make a clarification about myself and the environment, that wants to blacken everything from perspective of my egoism. It is only this black point that I must transform into white, understanding that everything comes by command of the Creator, according to His order, and that is how to advance.

If we make efforts like these and help each other, then very rapidly we will reach a state of Ubar.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/14

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