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The black hole is relative to us, for it is the ego that sees darkness in it. It demands going above knowledge, following the opinion of the teacher, of the Creator, of the group. It feels as utter darkness to me. My mind understands that going against the ego-desire is the truth, but my heart doesn’t feel it yet …

The center of the ten is a place where the Creator is concealed from us. If we focus on it in order to uncover this center, the black hole—this is where the Creator will be revealed. Then we’ll also find ourselves in this black hole where the true reality exists.
Everything outside of it is an illusory world.

Pick your scrutinies: what does everything exist for and why, aim for the goal with all your might, toward adhesion with the Creator. Upon receiving the force of bestowal, of love and unity, we will be able to gradually bring the whole world to this adhesion.

Inside a desire we feel ourselves living in this world among billions of people, surrounded by a group of friends lead by a teacher. All this is pictured for me by the Creator, and I must correctly “balance” the pieces of this picture in order to act correctly.
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One cannot advance without rising and falling. With every step you take you also fall in order to understand what a “fall” is and, thus, be able to advance. This is the only way to move forward: a fall always follows a good state.
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Everything will be corrected with unity.
We must reconcile this, accept it, and go above it.

It is not necessary for everyone who follows the chain of Kabbalists to be below those before him. For example, Ari rose above the Kabbalists preceding him. The revelation of the upper world for each Kabbalist corresponds to the root of his soul and the efforts made by him.

In order to transmit spiritual wisdom from teacher to a student or a group of students, it is necessary to form a special common desire —a vessel (Kli), a place for receiving the light, a spiritual message from an upper source into a vessel.

#Kabbalah comes from the word “to receive,” it is a reception of light that reforms followed by an inner light that fulfills. Opening the path for the light is only possible through the mutual effort of a student and teacher. Efforts bring the light, the light builds a screen.

Passing down the knowledge of Kabbalah depends on the proper connection between the teacher and student. The upper transfer happens “mouth to mouth,” meaning through the shared active screens between them. At the very least there must be a “mouth to ear” transfer, this is the first step of studying correctly.

Uniqueness of #Kabbalah is that it is not knowledge that is passed down to a student but a connection to the Source. To get it, one must be connected to his teacher and receive everything from him.
For the #teacher is a link in the chain that connects him with the source of this wisdom, stretching from Adam.

A thread of passing down the wisdom of #kabbalah stretches from the first Kabbalist, Adam to us.
If the thread comes down to a person, he is obliged to bind himself tightly to it, to the source, and to the teacher and try to get the wisdom of Kabbalah from the source through the whole chain of Kabbalists.
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