World History In The Light Of Kabbalah, Part 3

760_4Question: What is history if the past can be changed?

Answer: We do not change anything—not the past, present, or future. We simply view all of the states that we must go through, and change ourselves. This way it seems to us that changes are taking place in the world and everything else. But we are the only ones that change!

I look at the frames that are being played in front of me like on a film, and depending on my internal state, I see them as being completely different.

In other words, I am in a state where I look around and it seems to me that I see the world.

In reality, instead of the world, this is the simple upper Light.

The things I observe on the background of the upper Light are actually being seen inside of me. All of the pictures that I seem to observe on the outside are formed inside of my brain.

Every person has his own picture depending on his state. That is, all of the parameters are set inside of me: Reshimot (spiritual informational data) and all my possible data. According to my development, I depict all of these pictures within me on the background of the upper world.

So what is happening in reality?

On one hand, I have bad desires. On the other hand, there is the Light—good qualities. And between them is the so-called world, where I exist and seem to perceive its images, and where my intentions are found.

Therefore, the world has no form. All of this is depicted inside of us. Moreover, all of this is depicted inside every one of us or only inside of me. I can say, “You don’t exist, you exist only in my internal perception.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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