History Of Humanity – A Look Inside, Part 3

laitman_746_01Desires can’t be killed! They can’t be destroyed; they can only be shut down and not used. The entire world has its purpose and therefore it is impermissible to throw anything away or even to exclude it from use.

This is determined by the attitude to the seven desires (seven nations) that are revealed during the development period called entering the land of Israel. “Land –Eretz” means desire (Ratzon), and “Israel” means straight to the Creator (Yashar-El). If we correct our attitude to the seven big egoistic desires that were revealed, we will neutralize them as if they don’t exist. Then we will become ready to settle in the land of Israel, which means to enter the desire that is directed straight to the Creator (Israel), meaning with an intention to bestow.

All the desires that exist from the times of ancient Babylon went through a shattering, terrible crises, and subsequent development. Therefore it is said about Abraham’s group that it allegedly goes to the land of Canaan, then to Egypt, to the desert, and then enters the land of Israel.

However, in reality these are names of the periods, when deeper, more cruel and egoistic desire was revealed inside the people of Israel, inside Abraham’s group. And we cover it more and more every time, not willing to use it in a criminal and egoistic way for our own sake.

We stay in the quality of bestowal all the time, creating a cover for all the desires that are revealed in us: for Pharaoh (the biggest egoistic desire), and for all the nations that stand in our way. From that moment on we can build such a connection from the corrected desires that we would be with each other not just in mercy, but actually in the intention to bestow.

It means this is not enough to not covet another’s property, when yours is yours and mine is mine, or to appeal to everyone to be friends. We really have to reach the connection of our hearts. Mercy isn’t a connection of the hearts yet, which implies connection of the desires. Therefore, I begin to scrutinize which of my desires can connect with the desires of others.

This is the first and second restriction, when all desires that are incapable of connecting qualities of reception and bestowal (Malchut with Bina) are separated. We refuse to use all this and begin to work only with the desires to bestow and with these desires to receive that annul themselves before them (AHAP de-Aliyah). From these desires we build the First Temple, our first connection in desires.

However this is only part of the correction, since we are under the second restriction and don’t use our real desire to enjoy. By building the First Temple we reach the light Mochin de-Haya with the illumination of Hochma. When we finish construction of the Temple, the upper force is revealed inside our connection. We ourselves lead it to revelation by providing a suitable vessel.

The actual quality of bestowal doesn’t have a form; we define the form with our desires that connect with each other. This is called revelation of the Creator to the creatures. The upper force is revealed inside our desires that are correctly connected to each other. This actually is the Temple.

As soon as the Temple is revealed, all the desires that so far are unable to be included into this connection begin to wake up and present new demands to us. And since their demands are valid, because they emanate from the ultimate goal of creation, its final implementation, we can’t resist them. We begin to be impressed by these desires that are revealed above the height of the Temple.

After all, these desires assure us that it is possible to build the much higher Temple, meaning to strengthen the connection between us! However, we don’t have a cover for such height and so we begin to fall.

In the interpretation of this world it means that wars erupt around the First Temple, characters that are known to all of us appear: K’tzinim (lords and nobles), Pharisees and Sadducees (Prushim and Tzdokim). The war begins inside this big group called the people of Israel.

Eventually, the strife goes so far that the connection between them breaks. And since the internal connection is destroyed, Nebuchadnezzar appears in the external form, who shatters the stony Temple located in Jerusalem. Obviously, this is just a result of the spiritual shattering.

But even before Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple, the people of Israel have already fallen into their egoistic desires. And as a result, Nebuchadnezzar expels them from the land of Israel and moves them to Babylon, because they already don’t belong to this land and are not considered Israel (meaning aspiring directly to the Creator).

It is said about Babylon that 127 nations lived in it, and all of them were scattered around it. Internal separation reigned between them, and exactly in accordance with the spiritual root, with the internal state, they were scattered physically.

If you are interested why a person is in Kiryat-Gat or Beer-Sheva, in Haifa or Petach-Tikvah, there is a reason for it as well, and a purely spiritual one. After all, we only move because there is a spiritual reason that moves us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/16, Writings of Rabash

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