A Price For Work Performed

Laitman_001_02Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, how is it possible to determine correctly a price for work performed?

Answer: In worldly life I don’t know, the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about spiritual work. From this point of view, it is very simple to determine the price for work performed, because for spiritual work a person doesn’t demand anything for himself, not even spiritual elevation; rather, he asks for only one thing, to give contentment to the Creator.

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  1. It is so definitely important for us students and beginners, to always keep in mind that we dont understand a thing of what you are saying, but only bits, fragments of it, that we do not have the level, not even the minimum level, that even and probably lack most of the basic mandatory knowledge, reflexes, insight, in us. Just in order not to get fooled by thinking that we can oppose to what you say. As if kabbalah requires any student to exhaust the taught subject with all the possible questions, still we shoudn’t think for even a bit of moment that we can object to what you are trying to teach us at the moment you are teaching us. And that moreover it is at this very moment, when we are shocked and cant accept your words, that, precisely there, is the most place where we may find food and water to grow. Kabbalah is utterly gigantic and we are ridiculously small. (And you are a great teacher), thank you rav and all the friends.
    So there is really the matter of digging into your words, when we feel totally stranger to them, as one may dig into a dark, stubborn, rock, to extract a piece of precious matter hidden within.

    without this consideration it is an easy game for our ego to waste the teaching and lead us into false considerations and deadly locks.

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