The Way From Chaos To Harmony, Part 2

Laitman_117Question: The Torah tells us that at first there was darkness and chaos from which life was later created. How can harmony arise from chaos?

Answer: All this is said only in relation to man. And even if it seems as though we are talking about the periods of evolution that ostensibly took place before the appearance of man, this is wrong. Evolution makes sense only with the inclusion of a person who is beginning to use the whole world, and all changes occur only with respect to him

Only after the creation of consciousness and with respect to it can we talk about the creation of the world, the universe, the planet Earth, all systems, and humanity. Before the appearance of man, there seemed to be nothing. And when we are talking about darkness and chaos, they also exist only in relation to man because his consciousness is distorted, that is, opposed to the ideal system we exist in.

A person does not understand or feel this system, that is, he does not perceive it either in mind or heart. He sees the reality projected by his faulty qualities against the background of an immutable and perfect world.

He does not see the upper, spiritual world or the ideal system, but sees himself with respect to this system; that is, he sees the difference between the one and the other, between the qualities of man and the qualities of nature. Therefore, it seems to him that the world is dark and disorderly.

All of nature exhibits bestowal, love, connection, completing each other, whereas the qualities of man are the exact opposite: receiving, disorder, and the inability to connect with others and complete them. Everyone acts guided by their own benefit to the detriment of others, and therefore sees disorder in the world.

Disorder is a quality arising from the nature of man, from his egoism.

After all, if everyone thinks about himself and is guided by his own benefit, without taking others into account, he stops the entire system, like a faulty gear.

Instead of connecting with the rest and turning together like a working clock, everyone spins in his own direction, as he pleases. As a result, we resist each other, break our gears, and the whole mechanism almost fails to work.

There is another system that punishes and corrects, showing how bad we feel because of this egoistic attitude. Therefore, out of hopelessness, we begin little by little to take each other into account. Although these mutual considerations are also egoistic because the main thing for me is my own good, I do take the others into account only when necessary. It turns out, we somehow manage to exist but our lives are full of suffering and chaos. Chaos and disorder in our lives are the result of everyone being controlled by the power of their own egoism and thinking only about their own good rather than the benefit of the common system. This is the main reason for the disorder that manifests in all areas of our lives.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/24/16

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