In This Contrived And Illusory World…

Laitman_022Question: The Big Bang and the big black hole that the entire universe revolves around perfectly complement each other and are the embodiment of the law of the conservation of energy. Infinity, gravity, and entropy are in constant balance, and thanks to the flow of energy from one form to another, an infinite number of universes appear.

The cosmic microwave background radiation reminds us of a gene, a Reshimo, which contains all of the information of all of the states of the universes. This history will never end because the energy does not disappear. A series of infinite explosions and compressions will continue to occur, and therefore, will follow the development of the desire from the inanimate level to the level of the speaking.

This makes sense since everything was created in resemblance to spirituality, which is eternal. It turns out that the Creator created the created being, but from a slightly different quality because he contains all of the previous information inside him.

We can consider it to be infinite abundance or infinite darkness, but does that mean that this entire game was created as a goal in itself (to sustain life itself), and when will this end?

Answer: When we ascend above the ego, we ascend above time, motion, and space, and we realize that we have existed in a contrived and illusory world.

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