The End Of Creation

Unity, The Way To A Good FutureQuestion: What is the meaning of the end of creation and what will happen to the physical world then?

Answer: At the end of creation people will connect together more and more.

We begin to feel the upper world more fully, until we reach a state where it holds all of our desire within us, and the same tiny part of desire that feels the present distorted reality, simply disappears and moves to grasp the true world that exists outside of us, not inside of us.

“This world” apparently disappears, so it is called the “imaginary world.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/18/16

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  1. Hello Mr. Laitman
    With all deference I let to you a question: You have said several times that everything is inside of us. In this lesson you say that “the true world exists outside of us, not within us.” Could you please explain this apparent paradox?

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