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If I aim for the center of the ten, I feel how it disappears through disturbances by the Creator. Thus, the Creator shows me my deviation. It’s like looking through an aim and refocusing. I have to follow the deviations to stay in focus, and that’s my dance with the Creator.

With each thought in our minds or a physical action we must pull the Creator in, invite Him to rule over us, try to feel and to reveal His power. We must plan to aim all our thoughts and actions toward revealing the Creator’s governance over everything that is happening.

The center of the ten is the gate to spirituality. Guards are there to see that you leave your will to receive behind. To do so you have to integrate in the ten by the reforming light. Then every state becomes a Parzuf—perceiving spirituality in connection with the friends.

The essence of our work right now: 1) See that there’s none else besides him in everything. 2) See that he’s good that does good—always directs us to the goal of creation. 3) Contact him through the center of the group.

I have to annul before my ten—raise them to the level of the Creator. He will always show me the opposite—the friends seem lowly. By annulling before them I turn them into a Kli—the first 9 Sefirot where the Creator is revealed. And I’m the Malchut that’s under restriction.

It’s not enough just to decide that there is none else but the Creator. It takes a special power of faith to slightly rise above oneself. We are making efforts to unite in the center of the ten, in the point where everyone annuls before the others, before unity, and the Creator.

By aspiring to the center of the 10, we turn to our corrected state, the good future, which already exists ahead. To the extent of our efforts to imagine it correctly, the aspiration to attain this connection in love and mutual help, we enter the next frame, the future picture.

I don’t annul my feelings as though they’re not there. If I make myself an absolute zero, not to think about myself at all, then I destroy the entire depth of desire. But I need to achieve the opposite, to rise above my egoism. Otherwise, if I am a zero, then the Creator is just a little more than that.

Within the connection that we feel with a friend we must imagine the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal that I want to reveal between us. We have to connect everything together: adhesion with the Creator, revealing “there’s none else besides Him,” connection with the friends, and faith above knowledge.
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By connecting Him to our advancement, we realize the correction properly—properly connected and aimed at bestowing to the Creator.

The correct connection between us is the connection with the Creator.
From Twitter, 11/26/19

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