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As #egoism grows, the tension between it and the point in the heart increases, i.e., hostility and #hate toward Jews is growing inside people. The internal relationship between the point in the heart and the heart is reflected externally in the relationship between #Israel and the nations of the world.

– Why do Jews in #Israel and abroad identify with those who want to delegitimize their home?
– The Jews are trying to avoid fulfilling their destiny of being “a light onto the nations,” looking for ways to erase, hide their roots. But according to the science of #Kabbalah their spiritual root is eternal.

Baal HaSulam writes that “in every person, even secular, there is a certain spark that calls for unity with the Creator.” It awakens a person toward the attainment of the Creator or toward His denial—and this, according to Baal HaSulam, is one and the same.

A spark is a “point in the heart” in every person in the world from the single soul (Adam), which is more visible among the Jews. The heart is a manifestation of self-love or egoism, while the point in the heart is a spark striving for love of others.
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-What is the border-line between criticism of #Israel and #antizionism?
-Criticism may be voiced if it’s not venomous. Full freedom of speech for all who call for peace should be allowed. But peace cannot be reached through destruction, and certainly not through anti-Semitic hype.

In place of #Antisemitism, a newfound glory and fulfillment will arise that will spread through the Jewish people to the whole of humanity, turning anti-Semitic sentiments into its opposite: support, respect, and mutual appreciation.
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🇮🇱The role of the nation of #Israel is to unite and pass the method of connection to humanity. They lack awareness of their noble role and the weight of their responsibility to the world. When Jews unite and spread unity around the world, #Antisemitism, boycotts, and accusations will cease.
From Twitter, 12/14/19

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