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Everything is resolved in thought. Again and again, the Creator lets us feel our disunity, more and more, and we once again try to connect and attain unity. That is how we gradually advance, until it accumulates to the full measure.

One should rejoice at seeing one’s flaws on the background of the 10. I am constantly discerning what I lack to become like this friend, and like that one, since “the envy of the sages increases wisdom”—we therefore have something to ask, until our pleas turn into a real prayer

Arvut is the key to success and the only thing lacking in the system of Adam HaRishon after the breaking in order to reconnect it. All the parts of the soul are present, like parts of an engine—we must only assemble them together in the right way. We must bring the parts closer to each other and bring them into the common operation.

The world Bnei Baruch group is the part of the common soul that is now receiving an awakening from the common illumination in the world. We have gathered and organized a group that wishes to reveal the Creator. He brings a person to the group, places his hand on the good fate, and the choice is mine: to take the path of light or suffering.

We are standing on the side of egoism before an abyss, and on the other side—there’s freedom from Pharaoh, from the pursuit of self-interest. When we come to feel that egoism keeps us enslaved and wish to leap over the abyss, to run away from Pharaoh, to be free, then we will cry out. The cry is the redemption.

We all share one fate since by our actions in the group we awaken the common illumination, which is revealed inside our connection as a sensation of the upper force. This sensation is coming closer and closer, since every day we correspond more to the conditions necessary to feel the Creator together.
From Twitter, 12/12/19

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