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It doesn’t matter to me whether I feel good or bad—I don’t want to think about it. After all, if I run to the Creator to hide from evil—it is #egoism. But to yearn for Him neglecting the good isn’t right either …
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If we unite, i.e., annul our personal egoistic desires and move to the group’s desire to bestow, our foundations change. We come to faith above reason—a spiritual approach when we feel, understand, make decisions, perform actions above desire to enjoy, i.e., in the spiritual world

When the world gets dull and plunges into #darkness, without promising any hope or fulfillment, this is a tremendous help from the Creator. So He rips us from our reality, from this world, giving us the opportunity to work for Him.
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The feeling that I’m doing something for the Creator gives me fuel for work, this makes me feel alive. The next moment the Creator may disconnect me, cleanse me from my desire to enjoy, and then I’ll be able to work for His pleasure. This is what I will live for.

The qualities of the light and the vessel are mixed within the creation. Due to the breakage, the creation acquires the qualities of the Creator. Nonetheless, it feels corrupt, and broken. An unpleasant sensation comes from the feeling of being opposite to the Creator. The Creator is inside the creation, where He is revealed.
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Each moment a new Reshimo is revealed—a stronger desire and a greater light opposite it, so I have to bring my desire to be in balance with the light, applying even greater effort. If I don’t do that, I would lose the illumination from a prior state.

I’m not ready to receive the light instantly. My vessel is broken revealing the corrupted desire, and the light opposite it. “There is no righteous man on earth who hasn’t sinned.” After each transgression, a correction, a commandment is revealed for “it is impossible to fulfill the commandment without breaking it first.”

The Creator is an impetus that obliges us to unite. Egoism repels us from each other, promoting greater distance.
We will agree to unite when we are forced to turn to the Creator. As if our ten was locked in a tight cell and we must look for ways to reach the Creator.

I want to make a restriction for myself, it doesn’t matter if I feel empty or full—I want to cling to the Creator so that all my thoughts and desires are only about Him, and all the actions are directed toward Him. This is a true bestowal to the Creator above my knowledge, above the feelings in the mind and heart.

To move from sensation of today’s reality of this world to an upper reality (future world), from knowledge to faith above knowledge, from receiving to bestowing, is possible through exercises that awaken the light that reforms, which grants us the force of bestowal.

We must unite among ourselves in order to feel our connection as one point shared by all. In this point, we must feel desire, pain in regards to the Creator—what is called a prayer, a request to Him.

If the Creator did not disconnect us from the pleasures and fulfillment of this world, we would have no chance of reaching the spiritual degree. We would forever remain in slavery to Pharaoh who would regularly pay us and we would obediently work for this reward. This is our life in the ego.

Faith above reason is a spiritual concept, a person in bestowal instead of reception prefers giving to the Creator rather than serving his egoism. This is a calculation to benefit the Creator, not oneself. The whole science of Kabbalah is based on the principle of faith above reason, the principle of bestowal.

Working without fuel, without egoistic motivation, only for the sake of the greatness of the Creator: I go to lessons, to gatherings, live in general—I try to change the pleasures in which I had an egoistic hope for a state where I don’t want the upcoming reward, but only aim to cling to the Creator each moment.

Faith above knowledge is growing, I chose bestowal to reception. The grandeur of reception is imprinted in me. I know and feel how important it is to receive for myself—that’s what I am all about. I need to find a way to separate my “I” from myself and cling to the Creator in order to think about Him instead of myself and find pleasure in it.

“Any overcoming in the work is an advancement in the work of the Creator. Just as a coin added to a coin makes up a large sum, so does overcoming when it reaches the necessary degree becomes a vessel for receiving the highest pleasure.” We never jump onto any degree right away, but try it first.

When I think of the Creator, I feel that I am moving in the right direction. But is the goal to do right by me or is the main thing to give to the Creator? Such exercises allow me to advance, gradually separating from my “I,” and making all thoughts be about the Creator.

I must rejoice at the exercises from the Creator and thank Him for them, for I can rise from this world to the spiritual world. We need to accelerate and strengthen these actions so that each of them becomes a leap forward for us, and it all depends on our connection with the environment, with the ten.

The Creator does everything to bring me back to the desire to enjoy, to the common sense that reigns on Earth. But I want to adhere to the center of the 10, as if it’s suspended in the air as a floating castle. This is how we form the center of the 10 by building a castle in it. A Temple, the connection of Malchut and Bina.

Usually we try to overcome difficulties on our own—this is not right. The goal is to cling to the Creator. If I want to cope alone, I only increase my egoism and distance from the Creator. In any disturbance, one needs to see the means of clinging to the Creator even more, a reason to plea, a prayer.

A desire becomes suitable for work upon gaining an impression from the qualities of light. This happens during breakage. Light enters desires, breaking occurs—the boundary between the desire to receive and the desire to bestow is broken, and these desires become intermixed.

Losing taste in the work, we get angry and blame fate, the Creator, the science of Kabbalah, and the teacher. We don’t realize that it is the loss of taste for the study and for the group that is an invitation to rise to the spiritual degree where we work not for the sake of the material, egoistic reward, but for the contentment of the Creator.

Distance from egoism, when a feeling of #emptiness, weakness, hopelessness, of being lost comes—these are the states when it is possible to move from knowledge to faith above reason, to the degree of bestowal, when I decide that I will do everything for heaven for the contentment of the Creator.

The main thing is to realize that the loss of taste or good attitude comes from above, from the Creator directly to a person in order to rip him from egoism and give him certain freedom from egoistic pleasures and to let him feel independent of his personal interests.
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Faith above knowledge is a view on everything through unity. There is no I, only us. My foundation, but the perspective comes from our connection. My viewpoint doesn’t come from my desire to enjoy, but from my desire to give to the 10.
This point is called “faith,” the point of Bina, bestowal.

The first 9 Sefirot have no light till Malchut restricts itself and raises Ohr Hozer (Reflected Light) and works with its evil. Then the light begins to shine in the first 9 Sefirot, i.e., the qualities of the Creator, in my 9 friends. When I justify my friends, pushing my ego aside, I awaken the light in them.

The point of Malchut ascended to Bina, integrated in it, observing creation from there. I integrate into the center of the 10 and see everything through the eyes of faith. The degree to which I aim to unite with my 10, to see our unity above personal interests or egoistic desire, determines the degree of my faith.
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