Stretch A Thread From My Heart To The Creator

laitman_263Everyone needs to see how they can awaken from an opposite state: to find strength, evidence, inner preparation, so that from the most distant state they can awaken themselves and get closer to spirituality until they begin to feel awakening and inner strength, a new life. What is important is the difference between the fall, from which we begin to awaken the desire for the Creator in ourselves, and the rise, that is, the beginning of the work and its completion, the ability to transfer ourselves from one pole to another.

This means that in every state we control this point, aiming toward the Creator, striving toward Him, raising this connection point higher and higher. It is from the most distant and insignificant states, as if completely disconnected from the Creator, that one should try to awaken the aspiration in the heart and mind, to stretch a thread to the Creator, and at the same time to externally engage in all the necessary work and affairs that are completely unrelated to spirituality.

Now I am preoccupied with thoughts about my work, family, the world, about everything that I have a natural egoistic interest in. But along with this, there should be one more desire in me through the force directed to the Creator: the vector of my aspiration to reach connection with Him. I have to stretch a thread from my heart to the Creator on the background of my ordinary life.

Then on this thread, I need to string the group, the center of the ten, all the systems with which I connect myself with the Creator. I am more and more tied to the Creator through the ten along with everything that I do in this world.

Aspiration is a force emerging from me in the direction of the Creator, a direct vector, my desire to reach Him by the shortest path and touch Him, to make a connection with Him. This thread will turn into a ladder of 125 steps for me inside of which I will live and reveal spiritual Partzufim and worlds, which is the opportunity to help and develop communication with the Creator quantitatively and qualitatively, expanding the communication channel.

The group must create an atmosphere inside so that everyone is in such a desire. Then, I will remember and return to this work from any state until it becomes a habit. This is a necessary exercise aimed directly at the goal: building a communication channel.

The disturbances that lead me astray add to my ego. Returning back with this force, I glue everyone to this thread, strengthening the bond.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/19, Hardening of the Heart – An Invitation to Build a Yearning for the Creator

1 Minute 2:20

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