Demand To The Ten

laitman_938.03Question: What should the demand to the ten be in order not to cause harm in the first place? When should it be a request and when a demand?

Answer: If I demand unity from my ten, even egoistically, so I can be included among them and this is how I receive the influence from the Creator. It works. Give it a try.

Here we do not transcend the limits of our egoistic desires, but we see that it works. So demand from your egoistic connection in the ten, no matter what, if only so you can exist in it in order to forget about yourself and feel the ten instead. That’s all, nothing else is needed.

To this extent, you will begin to feel the Creator in your ten. You will discover the Kli (vessel), and everything will move from that point.

Question: How do I formulate a request so that it is not a manipulation, but a request?

Answer: Did you feel any kind of connection at the congress?

Remark: Yes.

My Comment: This is what you strive for. This is your request. You will be unable to formulate it for a long time. Later you might have formulations not in a sensory form, but in the form of a desire (Aviut), screen (Masach), reflected light (Ohr Hozer), etc., that is, in the form of completely different terms: material and physio-technical.
From Lesson 7, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, Collecting All the States Toward the Creator

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