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The preparatory period is long, but do not cut the path short, rather persevere step by step. You may not pause or jump the stages. We are in the Creator’s hands, and if He revealed the beginning of the path to us, we shouldn’t change anything, but keep going in the same direction

I have to annul before the 9 friends and raise them up to the level of the Creator, each moment lowering my ego before them. The Creator will work in the opposite way, showing my friends as increasingly worthless and full of flaws. This is where the work begins…

– How do we open the valve in the center of the ten, the passage into the spiritual world?
– To do this, pull out the plug with your teeth that clogs the heart of each of us in the ten.
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Our job is to fulfill three conditions:
1. To understand that everything is controlled by an upper force, besides which there is nothing.
2. This power is always good that does good.
3. To aim toward it through the center of the group.

Thus, by following Him we keep ourselves in the center, beginning to understand Him.

Relating to the group gives me the attitude, understanding, and the true picture of working inside the spiritual Kli. All spiritual concepts: direct, reflected, and inner lights, and weakening of the screen will be revealed inside the group through its center.
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Not only do I relate disturbances to the Creator, but I treat each one as an opportunity to adhere to the center of the group even more. This is how I advance working with difficulties. The fact is that these are not disturbances, but help on the path for this is how the upper force is leading us toward the goal.

The Creator awakens broken desires in me, parts of the breakage. They are always revealed as disturbances: hurting me, scaring me, throwing me off balance. This is given to me as help to aim toward the goal of creation. I have to aim toward the center of the group and leave the bounds of my egoistic desire.

“The advantage of the light from within the darkness”—the Creator keeps sending us obstacles so we can see what we stumble on. Our task is to understand that all disturbances come from the Creator, not to concentrate on them but to relate them to Him and try to rise above them.

Malchut doesn’t feel anything, doesn’t react without the first 9 Sefirot before it. The 9 Sefirot are always ready, but to develop the desire, Malchut, is difficult, to enjoy to the point of getting the desire to unite with the first 9 Sefirot, to feel and to hear what is outside of it, i.e., the model of the first 9 Sefirot—the depiction of the Creator, while I have to relate them all to Him.

At first our goal was to relate everything to the Creator, and now we also have to aim ourselves to the center of the group through all disturbances. Through all the obstacles—descents, private-common-global disturbances, the Creator is correctly aiming us toward the goal, which becomes more and more clear as a result.

I try to lower myself as much as possible to see my friends united and on a higher degree than I. The ten represents a spiritual vessel of the Creator for me, and its center is the Sefira Yesod, which I attach myself to, as the manifestation of the Creator in relation to me, on a single source that everything comes from.

I’m ready to admit that everything comes from the Creator, to see all evil as good in order to be under the protection of the good ruler and to hide from all the problems. The center of the ten is already a step outside my ego. Here I need the strong support of the group that I can rely on.

The Creator gives us not 1 but 9 parameters. The relation between the desire and light is only possible through the 9 properties of light and 1 quality of the desire. Desire has only one wish—to be fulfilled. I see 9 traits before me, and have to know how to relate to each one.

Everyone in the ten sees himself as Malchut, and his friends as 9 first Sefirot. The Creator manifests Himself to me in different ways, negative or positive, stirring jealousy, anger, pride inside me—I have to orient myself in such a way that by giving to the 9 friends I give to the Creator.
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