Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/18/19

laitman_962.5Question: If we do not succeed in ascending to the world of Ein Sof (infinity), what awaits us?

Answer: Don’t be worried that “they will take you by the ear and lift you up.” Are you ready to manage anything by yourself? You are certainly not.

Question: When a person develops spiritually how many incarnations does it take before one reaches one’s full correction?

Answer: You can do this in one incarnation, here and now. If you were given contact with the means for ascension, then all the rest depends on you.

Question: When bad properties are discovered, how can one avoid doing bad things? How can I hold onto myself?

Answer: It depends on the environment. If you find yourself in the right environment, you will be unable to do anything bad.

Question: Is it possible to correct everything on the level of thoughts?

Answer: It is precisely on the level of thoughts that it is necessary to correct everything.

Question: After we cross the Machsom (barrier), will there be a next incarnation of the soul? Or do I not have to return and can advance further and ascend only in the spiritual world?

Answer: You will be able to advance even without returning to your physical body.

Question: You are saying that it is necessary to correct everything on the level of thought. How can we do this if we ourselves do not control anything? What is it that depends on us?

Answer: We do not control anything, including our thoughts. We can only ask for the upper light to come and correct our thoughts.

Question: Do traumas and experiences in our lives act as corrections that will bring us to a state of bestowal?

Answer: They do not. It is unnecessary to think that traumas and experiences correct anything. They only push us toward correction. Correction lies in good connection in the group where you build a place for mutual kindness and mutual participation where the Creator can be discovered.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 8/18/19

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