Family And Marriage, Part 3

laitman_624.03What will help save marriage?

Question: Today, the institution of marriage cannot be held together by urges, therefore it is necessary to look for additional goals. What are these goals to sustain a marriage?

Answer: In our time, the religious consecration of marriage cannot hold a family. Not only in a small society, but practically all over the world. Young people do not care what will be thought of them here or there.

As a rule, they are not dependent on their parents, do not live with them, are not in the same society where they themselves were born and raised. In general, young couples are independent of the previous generation and the society in which they were brought up.

They break away completely and create a family on a whole new level. Between them, completely different necessary connections appear. And if there are no such connections, then, as we see, marriage does not exist.

Question: What goals can sustain marriage in the future?

Answer: At least not common children and common property, but something that stands above this. It can only be a goal that is higher than life: I need this person as a husband or wife, with children and with all my way of life because with them I gain the necessary space within which I prepare myself for a higher purpose. There will be no family without this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/1/19

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