Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/23/19

laitman_566.01Question: What is the difference between a spiritual experience and a psychological experience?

Answer: A psychological experience is when people sit in a philharmonic orchestra, for example, or play the guitar and sing in the yard. A spiritual experience is when a person transcends his ego and with the characteristic of bestowal that he acquires, he begins to feel the Creator and other forces that accompany him.

Question: If I think that I understand everything, is this really a problem?

Answer: It is not a problem.  🙂 It is all transient. When we begin to feel spirituality, what comes to us is an understanding of the mutual connection between spiritual forces, spiritual objects, the characteristics of bestowal and love, meaning the characteristics of mutual exchange. We then work seriously with spiritual categories, to the point that we begin to feel the upper world, which is independent of our life and our world.

Question: Do all people have a Reshimo (spiritual gene)?

Answer: Every person has a spiritual gene and someday everyone will attain the same goal, the same state, which we have attained, but later than us because the desire to attain the upper world, the Creator, will be awakened in them later. Right now, we are the ones being awakened.

Question: In what metrics does the wisdom of Kabbalah measure the power of inspiration and bestowal?

Answer: It is with the same metrics the size of the Masach (screen) is measured. What this means is that it is according to the strength of the resistance, the Aviut (thickness) of desire.

The graduation happens either according to the five levels of the Partzuf, according to the 125 levels of the worlds, or according to the lights: internal, external, upper, lower, etc. What this means is that this is an absolutely clear gradation in which everything is weighed and measured.

Question: When a Kabbalist sleeps, does he feel the Creator?

Answer: No, it is not as in our world: prophetic dreams and all kinds of flights in dreams. There is nothing like that. A Kabbalist feels every spiritual thing as absolutely real within him, not in a dreamy state. On the contrary, he feels that everything is absolutely clear.

Question: In something like a cultural hall on the Sabbath day, can we feel the Creator or the upper world to some degree? Or is it possible only in close, regular contact in a group, for example, like the work in a ten?

Answer: It is hard to say. If you gather once a week and nothing else connects you, then certainly it must be very little. You need to work with a common desire among you so that it will be discovered within you, then you will be able to discover that the Creator is also found in you. I think that there are serious people among you, so try to become a little more connected.

Question: What is devotion to the Creator if the Creator is the characteristic of bestowal, a system?

Answer: When a person fully follows the characteristic of bestowal and only wants to be in it, this is devotion to the Creator. This is a great thing and these are his directions in life.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/23/19

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