Spiritual Geography, Part 5

laitman_740.03Mount Hermon to the Dead Sea

Question: There are 32 springs descend from Mount Hermon and their waters gather on the Golan plateau. Why exactly 32? Did somebody count them or is it a pure allegory?

Answer: No, this is not allegory. The fact is the entire system of the upper world consists of 320 parts and each of them consists of ten Sefirot. Therefore, as it were, 32 streams of the upper light come down from the highest point through the system called the light of Hochma to Bina—the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee).

Question: From the River Jordan to Jerusalem stretches the territory that corresponds to the force Zeir Anpin. What is this force?

Answer: The fact is that the descent from above downward is intended to provide water to the lower ones. The lower ones are the souls that belong to Zeir Anpin and Malchut, that is, to the Dead Sea. Ultimately, it is necessary to bring water to the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has existed for many thousands of years. This is the lowest point on earth 420 meters below sea level, and today perhaps even lower because it constantly gets shallower. Huge craters have formed in it that go deep into the earth.

The Dead Sea is very close to the inner part of Earth, where, in its magma, the entire system of chemical elements boils. Therefore, this place is very heavy. The water in the sea is also special. No matter how much it is studied, it is impossible to fully study its special internal qualities.

This sea represents our egoism, the will to receive, the black matter, that closes only in itself and therefore, there is no life there.

Remark: It is written, however, that after the end of correction everything there should come alive again.

My Comment: It is only if we do the right thing, then the Dead Sea will receive all the goodness, light and water from Mount Hermon and will blossom.

Once instead of these deserts and mountains lush vegetation, forests, and vineyards grew.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/28/19

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