Kabbalah: To Build, Not To Destroy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Many various methods and groups say things similar to what Kabbalah says. How do we protect ourselves from the influence of these thoughts? Is there any danger in this, and how should we position ourselves in relation to them?

Answer: Due to the nature of my work, I have had the chance to study different methods and even took exams in these subjects while working on my PhD thesis. There is a huge abyss between Kabbalah and all other methods. All other methods are engaged only in some sort of moral, earthly improvement of man, mostly directed at making him feel calm and relaxed.

Kabbalah isn’t. Kabbalah is directed at changing the nature of man himself. Because the world only exists within our subjective perception, this is what needs to be corrected. This means that a person should keep all of his or her egoism, rather than destroy it, and above it, build a new nature, the so-called upper world, which he or she will be able to feel in this second nature. It’s an altogether different method.

However, if you are studying other methods, nobody is going to tell you not to do that. Study Kabbalah, and you will gradually begin to see the difference between it and other teachings.

None of the existing methods are based on the true nature of the world, the three lines, the three forces that control this world, on raising altruism above egoism without destroying egoism, but using it correctly in oneself, and so on. This also can be seen from Kabbalah’s ancient roots and the power of its sources: the number of books and the depth of all the explanations. What you see in front of you is a truly enormous means for the correction of all humankind.

There are people who truly strive for correction, want to reach the goal no matter what, and are ready for it. There also are people who would like to reach this goal, but not by any means. That is, they consider what they have to pay with and how much they need to work for this. That’s why essentially, a lot of people would do it, but there aren’t that many who really desire it. However, every day, there are more and more.

We hope that we will reach the final correction quickly, easily, and in our century, in our time, in our generation. Even I, an elderly man, am hoping to still see how all of humankind will directly and briskly take one spiritual step after another in order to achieve the final correction.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 7/31/2011

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  1. I see the difference between Kabbalah’s method and those that seem “moral” in our world, because even though being kind to others is a step up from bombing others or saying hateful words, it still has to be authentic. Otherwise, eventually the insincerity of the intention comes out in the process and then nothing gets corrected in this world. It’s like putting a number through a math function, if you do it wrong, doesnt’ matter what number you come up with on the other side, it’s not going to be correct.

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