My Thoughts On Twitter 1/4/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The development of #Antisemitism: fractions and parties will emerge in the world and infiltrate politics. Nations will form alliances based on hatred of Jews, demanding that #UNESCO, the UN and other international organizations cut off #Israel from international deals and trade with sanctions.

Why is it that for the nations of the world, assimilation usually leads to good consequences, whereas for the nation of Israel, assimilation always has negative consequences? It’s because #Israel is being corrected, going back to the roots, whereas the nations advance forward toward the goal of creation!

What if it was your son? What if it was your father? Your grandfather? Brother? Friend? #Antisemitism is growing in the US & around the world. We don’t feel what they’re going through, but our connection can protect them. Think about the connection & them. Because we’re all one.

Is it correct to understand that the nations of the world are willing to accept the nation of Israel only when it preserves its foundation? Only if the nation of Israel is the head of the soul, an example, leading the nations to the goal of creation, will the nations accept it and help it in every way to attain the general correction of the body of the soul.
From Twitter, 1/4/20

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