My Thoughts On Twitter 1/3/20

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By virtue of an outside factor, I can become human. But this is against all of my desires and my nature. This is why I need an environment: it will help me overcome the laziness and difficulties, and prove to me that this endeavor is worthwhile.

If we feel darkness gathering for us, it means the light is here and that is exactly why we are seeing #darkness.
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The external factor cannot affect a person directly, but indirectly, in a roundabout way, it exerts a very serious influence.

External factors have enormous impact on a person: we transmit thoughts, desires and values to people, and receive the same from them. That is how all of humanity develops under the influence of society. The influence of the media is particularly apparent… as it destroys man.

Only man has freedom of will—by using the external factor, he can choose the direction of his development. We have an opportunity to turn to the spiritual factor, which will develop us—this is our freedom of will.
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From Twitter, 1/3/20

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