Make Space For The Creator In The Assembly Of Friends

laitman_260The assembly of friends (Yeshivat Haverim) is the most important action. And this is not only when we gather physically and sit together. Assembly (sitting together) in spirituality means that we do not use our desires to receive but only the desires to bestow (to sit). We restrict our desires to receive and relate to each other only with bestowal.

While preparing for the assembly of friends, I should imagine that I am going to assemble and unite the parts of my soul into one soul, into one spiritual Partzuf, despite all their differences. And the more this Partzuf grows, improving its quality, the more noticeable the internal differences between the friends will become, simply unbearable. But at the same time, we should unite in order to create one spiritual Kli, a Partzuf in which all opposing properties exist and unite above all differences.

From this, it is clear that the assembly of friends is the most important action through which we correct our soul and make a place for the Creator to reveal Himself, and we realize the purpose of creation.

We need to perceive the assembly of friends not as a simple meeting for an hour or two; we need to think about the essence of this action. The purpose of man’s existence, his mission in this world, in the spiritual world, and in his life, this all must be brought together to the assembly of friends so that it takes place only for this purpose.

The assembly of friends helps in implementing all the conditions revealed in each of us and in the whole world. We must not ignore any parameter; we need to attach each one to the one Kli  for its maximum completeness on our level so that the Creator could reveal Himself and enjoy us.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/20/19, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 30 “What to Look For in the Assembly of Friends”
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