Who Is The Book Of Zohar Meant For?

Laitman_065 Zohar for All, Torah, “BeHaalotcha” 58: Woe unto one who says that the Torah comes to tell literal tales and the uneducated words of such as Esau and Laban. If this is so, even today we can turn the words of an uneducated person into a law, and even nicer than theirs. And if the Torah indicates to mundane matters, even the rulers of the world have among them better things, so let us follow them and turn them into a law in the same way. However, all the words of the Torah have the uppermost meaning.

It is very difficult to explain The Book of Zohar to beginners. This is a completely closed book. Its texts seems to be literary or historical, often frightening, mystical.

When I began to study with Rabash, I was offered to study the article “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” by Baal HaSulam, which is one of the introductions to The Book of Zohar. But the entire method, the technique of spiritual work, is clearly described in it in the language of Kabbalah and not in the language of feelings.

The Book of Zohar cannot be used as a textbook, it can be used only as material for extra classes for people who are seriously studying Kabbalah.

Question: What secrets are hidden in it?

Answer: It is impossible to reveal these secrets to a person because everything will be unclear to him since he does not have a corresponding mind that must put together incomprehensible things.

The fact is that a person currently studying Kabbalah has an ordinary earthly psychology. He must work on himself until the Light begins to change him a little, and in accordance with this he will differently perceive the material being studied.

Question: Then why was The Book of Zohar written?

Answer: So that you have something to study, that you can change, and in the measure of your changes, feel how the world, which used to seem one-sided, is changing, and now you see it as integral.

Then you will perceive it completely differently: complementary, interchangeable, as one common whole. All the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature will be perceived as one system.

But you will live in it. You will be unable to change something without changing everything else.

The Book of Zohar is a commentary on the Torah. In the Torah, absolutely everything concerning the way of a person and of all humanity is registered from the beginning to the end. Only the one who changes in accordance with the ascent on the spiritual steps attains what is written in it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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