Only With Help From Above

laitman_962.6Each one of the ten people in the ten will say something different; coming to a common prayer is possible only with the help from above. But help from above will not come until we ask. What stops us from asking? We all have one obstacle: our stony heart does not want to feel any other; it is incapable and unprepared for it. The reason is the Creator himself, who stands between us and disallows our unity until we ask properly.

It is He who interferes with us because He created the evil inclination. Therefore, we need to beg Him, scream, and pray that “My sons defeated Me” will be fulfilled. We already stand right on this threshold; we only need to strike a common blow to convince the Creator. He wants this and waits, but He tolerates and restrains us, suffering more than we do.

It is necessary to think over this attack, as if during war, to mobilize all means and forces for this request, to constantly cry, ask, and annoy the Creator without ceasing to feel that it is He who stands in our way and does not let us. You must think about it together 24 hours a day. Suppose we do not feel each other, but we can feel this common point for us: the Creator, who interferes with our union. And everything is achieved only through connection—the beginning of the soul is there.

This is called “breaking through the Machsom.” The Creator stands on the border of the spiritual world, and we need to convince Him to let us in. He is not our enemy, but only insists on this condition: connection, unity, and mutual support. It is necessary to invest all our time to this effort, pushing our way toward the answer, constantly beating at one point.1

No one is ready for this work, and the bigger the person, the bigger is his ego. But despite your disappointment, you need to help each other and rise again. We must not think about our failures but about how to awaken the hearts of our friends. Then, there will be no problems. If I take care of sick friends, I will forget about my own illness, like a mother caring for a sick baby. So, I will recover quickly.2

The Creator does not hear one person but at least two, and even then, only under special conditions. But He will certainly hear the ten if it addresses Him as one person. In the spiritual world, a single unit is ten united as one.3

We all speak different words, even in different languages, but the essence of our request is the same: we ask the Creator for one thing—connection. First of all, we want to connect, and from our unity, we will already understand what we need. What do we then want? We then want even bigger and stronger connection. And so it is every time, more and more, nothing but this. This must all be done by the Creator: “He who makes peace above will make peace upon us and upon all Israel.”4

To turn to the Creator means to imagine that you are under a sphere that covers you and determines everything. Then I turn to this desire, to the power of this sphere that organizes and controls our entire life to the final finest detail, to the smallest molecule in my body. I ask this force to bring my life in line with this sphere in order to exist in harmony with it.5
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/19, Writings of Rabash, “What to Look For in the Assembly of Friends”

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