My Thoughts On Twitter 1/13/20

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“In the last six months … [there were] a staggering number of violent attacks directly targeting Jews…” R. Lauder, President of the @WorldJewishCong (World Jewish Congress).
We wrote about this in all of our materials. For those who follow us, the tsunami of #Antisemitism doesn’t come as a surprise—it was foretold!

The USA Presidential election, in case Trump wins, may become the start of a left-wing revolution. Just like Hitler came to power in Germany, so the left will seize power in America by “storming the White House.” This will be followed by an extreme left government, as with Obama, and will proceed along the same natural scenario.

You can ascend spiritually if the Creator and the #meaning of life is more important to you than complaints against other people. Otherwise you will remain in your beastly existence.

Imagine: you are living in Babylon when Abraham’s group appears and asserts that you must love one another as you love yourself. You hate them and want to kick them out of Babylon. They understand that they must leave Babylon. What will you do then? Are you ready to join them?
The choice is yours.

Every person, according to the root of his #soul, is obligated to rise above corporeal disturbances, which are not disturbances, but conditions for the soul’s development, and to aspire to unity despite the reciprocal rejections.

All nations, the whole Babylon, must rise above its #egoism and perform the work of correction. This is today’s condition. And we act as #Abraham, who said, “Whoever is with the Creator—is with me!” This is that same Babylon and the same challenges, but in a modern form.

During the last exile, the nation of #Israel had no awareness of its spiritual mission. The science of Kabbalah was concealed. This was a preparatory period: sometimes more inner or surrounding light, and sometimes less, and humanity was drawn this way or that, respectively.

If we don’t succeed in disseminating the method of unity, a new world #war will befall the world, after which it will take centuries for humanity to recover and get itself together to implement the correction. The end of correction has to be realized in this world.

This world does not exist: the spiritual form that now appears before us as the material world must be such, so the process of correction would begin and end in it. When we complete the correction on the degree of this world, it will rise to the spiritual degree.

American Jews think that emancipation and assimilation will help them dissolve in American society and thus eliminate #Antisemitism. But history teaches that this leads to none other than our own extermination. Salvation lies in rising above this world.

We exist in this world, but in it, we must attain our spiritual predestination. What matters is the goal for which we come closer to each other and the goal for which we grow distant from each other. Closeness or separation can be judged only in relation to the goal of creation.
From Twitter, 1/13/20

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