What Does The Creator Look Like?

laitman_250Question: Have any of the great Kabbalists ever seen the Creator with their own inner vision? What does He look like? Maybe this is silly, but I desperately want to somehow imagine Him. If a drop of water is the reduced analog of an ocean, then there must be a visible analog of the personality of the Creator.

Answer: First, the Creator has no personality. Secondly, when we, without understanding, imagine something, we cannot “point” something to the Creator. The Creator is nothing other than the quality of connection, bestowal, and love. It is something non-objective, without any volume or image. It is a quality we can identify in a person who possesses it.

In other words, if there is the quality of bestowal in whatever measure, strength, or power in you, then it can be said that the Creator is embodied in you and in this part He exists within you.

Question: Can a person see that the Creator is embodied in him?

Answer: No, seeing it is impossible. Only when an individual attains the quality of bestowal and love, can he, from within himself, sense with his inner vision how much the Creator exists in him, and even measure it.

The fact is that the wisdom of Kabbalah enables the measurement of qualities, sensations, strengths of desires, screens, the distance from and closeness to the force of love or the force of rejection, and so forth. Ultimately, they all give us the picture of similarity of form or movement toward unity with the Creator. A person can sense how close or how far from understanding the “Creator.”

Question: Can it be said that there is the Creator and there are His qualities?

Answer: No. When we say “Creator” we mean qualities. On the material level we also see only qualities, it only seems to us that these are objects. In fact, these are all forces.

Everything is composed of two forces: the force of reception and the force of bestowal. Their interactions create all manner of forms for us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 1/21/18

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