Freedom Of Choice, Part 3

laitman_947Why Does an Individual Need the Influence of the Environment?

Question: Why is everything created so that I, as an individual, am influenced by society? What does this give me? How can I use it for my spiritual development?

Answer: The fact is with the help of the surrounding society I can control myself. If I am a closed system and I can do nothing with myself and inside myself, then no matter how I spin, like a dog chasing its tail, none of this will work because I have certain properties, qualities, and if I use them, then it will be the same “me.”

How can I make myself go out of myself and exert influence on me from the outside? Here is where the science of Kabbalah shows us a very interesting principle.

It says that if I have a clear, selective attitude to the environment: “This is good for me and that is bad. I want this to affect me more and that to affect me less,” then in this way I choose the sources of influence on me, sort them, and put myself under their influence. Thus, I control myself through the surrounding society.

Maybe I need two hours to be influenced by one group of people, and three hours by another one, or to listen to some report on television, read an article in a newspaper, or surf the Internet. I must constantly monitor what external influences to choose because I create myself in this way. This is the process of my creation of myself. This is what matters. This is my freedom of will. Such an opportunity, such freedom is given to us by the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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