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The nations assert: the #Jews control the world—all the evil comes from them. They feel that they are in the hands of the Jews, who are able to change the world. The Jews need to be corrected first. With the help of Kabbalah, we will turn hatred to love and will transmit it to the world. We will thereby change our fate and the fate of the world.

The Jewish nation has to feel that by uniting among itself, it manages the enormous system of the world by the good path. But if it doesn’t unite among itself, then the system turns around toward harsh unification by way of suffering.

We are incapable of living in harmony with each other. Our egoistic nature does not allow this. But we can act out good relationships and by that, awaken the influence of the upper light upon us. We will then begin drawing closer together! And the Creator will be revealed in our convergence.

I look at the world through a non-transparent glass. I don’t see anything. But if I oppose egoism, thinking about unity, the good of the group, the goal of creation—then I draw the reflected light (Hassadim). It turns the matte glass into a transparent one and I see the Creator in the quality of bestowal and love.

The Creator is revealed between 10 desires of ten friends. If the desires aspire to unity and to the Creator, then the Creator is revealed to the degree of our unity and influence on Him with the quality of bestowal.

There is a special force in the 10—we don’t feel it and it therefore elicits lack of understanding. The Creator must be revealed in the connection between us, through the connection of 10 desires. For this, we must tie our desires together into one desire to reveal the Creator by mutual self-annulment.

We are in exile in the egoistic desire, which separates us. To realize the method of correction we must get organized into tens, the way this happened after exodus from Egypt when Jethro came to Moses and they started creating tens out of the nation of #Israel.

All of the Jews’ destructions and descents were but a consequence of them belittling Kabbalah, the method of the nation’s unity. Studying anything besides Kabbalah leads to the destruction of the nation and the world. The attitude that the nation of #Israel has to Kabbalah determines the world’s attitude toward the nation of Israel.
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From Twitter, 1/14/20

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